Section6 x PastelParty – Interview Recap

Exciting and prospering duo reigning in from Northampton, UK, Section6 x PastelParty were live on the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show providing insights to their work in the second half of the podcast stream over on

Hit that button to listen and download the phone-in interview from Section6 x PastelParty last night. Right click on the audio and save it if you would like. Few tracks from the duo also played either side of their insights including ‘G.S.T’ and ‘Yute’ so make sure to check that out!

Write up outlining the main points from the Section6 x PastelParty interview carried out on the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show Thursday 2nd July 2020. Be sure to listen to the audio below to feel the purity to the conversation. Down to earth, humble individuals that will continue to succeed immensely, great guys to have involved. Considering their style to be a mixture of grime, hip-hop, punk vibes and more, we feel as though they deserve their own branded genre, certainly unique!

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