Ruku G – Interview Recap

fungiFerg conducted the interview with the multi-talented Jamaican Reggae artist last night on the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show. Speaking of inspirations such as Frankie Paul, work on the horizon with collaborations and some general experiences in the 16 years that he has been creating his sounds. It was a great pleasure to be able to share the time with Ruku G and hear what he had to say upon his music. He possesses a plethora of skills having been a part of a choir, bands and even playing the saxophone – real authentic and original style. Shout out and appreciation to Boss Lady for helping to put this together.

Next week we have the producer of Ruku G’s music Kreative Kendrene scheduled in for a chat. It is the first time we have managed to connect overseas using this method as unfortunately the previous week there was a few technical difficulties with the line when trying to carry out the phone-in with fellow Reggae artist Jimbolee. We will look to get another slot sorted for Jimbolee in an upcoming show but make sure to playback the audio to this interview and take in the poignant perceptions from the humble, Ruku G.

Tracks played before, during and after, in order:

  1. Never Leave I Again
  2. Dreams of a Poor Man
  3. Dream Lady

Check out his music in the links following as well as supporting his movement through the social media platforms.

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