Rick Fury – Interview Recap

Topics not mentioned which are definitely worth the listen involve: Rick’sWing Wednesdays’, potential of ‘Fury & Rage’ chilli sauce, collaborating with fungiFerg’s chilli plants and thinking of a plan to do gigs (obviously not breaking the law).

Advising viewers hugely to take the time and click onto the audio as the write up struggles to present complete justice. Reiterating, it was such a laugh being greatly knowledgeable and interesting. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face in these uncertain times I don’t actually know what will.

I personally love the humour and story-telling ability embedded into his craft, it is certainly reflected from his joyous attitude and day-to-day experiences. A true honour, a privilege to have the opportunity to be involved and for the team to conduct the phone-in. If you take anything away from this, even the most minuscule, let it be what Rick Fury echoes towards the end of the conversation: “Communication is key” – to hear more on this click on the ‘Listen & Download’ button and enjoy.

We spun a couple of tracks from his latest album ‘Heart Break Kid’. First up was ‘Lionel Hutz’, second track ‘Cherry Pie’ featuring Izzy Finch. Listen to these through the audio or follow the links below.

We would like to thank Rick and those around him for all of the support and time taken to tune in to our shows since the beginning, upmost respect!

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