Kreative Kendrene & Nehanda

Tomorrow’s edition of the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show will host another two phone-ins amongst personal favourites of Prod Rage’s highest rated albums.

First up is Kreative Kendrene aka Elijah, a producer from Jamaica with several other talents I believe in terms of performing music live whilst being the one behind the tracks carrying out the engineering. Producing for Reggae artists: Jimbolee, himself and Ruku G – who we had on the podcast last week for a chat, with singles ‘Never Leave I Again’ and ‘Dream Lady’ to name a couple. Make sure to view the links below for the work of Kreative Kendrene.

In the second segment, Birmingham’s multi-genred artist, Nehanda, will be live with fungiFerg discussing her music. She has been on the same line up as Ferg which may well have been the last gig for both parties before the lockdown at Live In The Lair’ in the beginning of March. Blending Rap, Hip-Hop, Grime, R&B, singing and song writing, there is a raw and original feeling to her vibes.

Check out Nehanda’s ‘Wordplay (Freestyle)’ and show some love to her links above before locking in to hear the interview.

More to follow in the recap and look out for the live podcast tomorrow.

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