Kreative Kendrene – Interview Recap

Respect and big up to Prod Rage hosting and holding it down last night in the late absence of fungiFerg. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to hear the thoughts and discuss a variety of topics with Kreative Kendrene aka Elijah.

When asked upon his names:

“Two names you know, both for different reasons. One is for my engineering (Kreative Kendrene) and one is for my artiste (Elijah) also my production.”

Let the people know what you do:

“I do everything in the music, I create music, I dance to the music, I create songs, also do video shooting, graphic designing. I’m at the level now where I am coding games, I’m actually making some type of grant of my own here in Ocho Rios.”

Tell us a bit about the music you are creating at the moment:

“Our music here from Jamaica, Dancehall/Reggae, it’s a thing that we grew with, most of the younger ones are taking on to the music. I’ve been in the music for a long time now so I try to help the younger ones with their music. It’s a journey for – not only me, but all of us. It’s a thing to share.”

Have you got any projects coming out?

“Yes man, a lot of projects, we have video shooting coming up, so we have a lot of works coming up, we have dance routines/dance rehearsals for the music videos. Yes so, a lot of things in the pipeline at the moment. We have a brand new riddim coming out called ‘Summer Chap’, that riddim is out already. I have artists on it like Loaded Eagle (‘I Can’t Breathe – Summer Chap Riddim’) and also Shemdon (‘Chop Chop RawSummer Chap Riddim’) those songs are already released. I have other productions/songs on the riddim yet to release, so look out for that riddim ‘Summer Chap’. Also look out for the ‘Recovery Riddim’ featuring other artists as well. Loaded Eagle, Jubby Chile, Kreative Kendrene, Shemdon, you can find all these on YouTube.”

Are there any gigs in the pipeline?

“At the moment Lady Boss is lining up some shows, also some tours, so yes, these things are in the pipeline, in the making.”

Have you ever performed in the UK? (Question from DJ V8 of TS1 REGGAE RADIO)

“No I’ve never performed in the UK, I’ve never been to the UK.”


“Yes I would like to shout-out Lady Boss she is doing some really great work, also to my brother Jamie, Whitter The Legend – also an artist, these people have helped me along the way with my music, shout out to my Mum and my Grandma, Bassline Rock Music ® Inc ©.”

We are going to play out with ‘Sweet Victory’ is there anything you would like to tell us about this song?

“This song was created all because of a phase I was going through, most of my close friends started to turn their backs on me, my fiancé, I didn’t know what was happening, everyone just got this fever of becoming a changed person. This song came about from all of that stuff I was going through at that time.”

Capture the originality to the conversation more through listening and downloading just below.

Hopefully we will be able to link up and bring a few artists over including Elijah for an event in the works next year. It is wonderful to hear that he and many others are sharing experiences in order to help the rise of the youth. Elijah’sSweet Victory’ is played after the interview, it is a beautiful track straight from the heart. Visit the links below to hear more music from himself or playback on and the streaming sites to hear the single featuring Jimbolee, ‘Tonight’ two tracks before the interview. Huge thanks to him and everyone involved, show some love and support!

Conscious and relevant sounds in the new release of the ‘Summer Chap RiddimI Can’t Breathe’ by Loaded Eagle produced by Kreative Kendrene.

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