Leddie MC – Fork In The Road

Leddie MC, an independent Hip-Hip/Rap artist representing the North East of England forming the path out of Middlesbrough has just released her new single ‘Fork In The Road’. The whole production is brilliant with Leddie producing it herself featuring beautiful vocals by Sarai Jazz, bass from Steve Hoggart and the mixing and mastering of Jamie Donnelly.

The track addresses a semantic of realities including relations to female companions experiences and generalised anecdotal references within day to day life numerous people can feel a part of.

Fork In The Road’ is what you instantly interpret it to be. A situation, task, challenge, obstructing yourself when you are striving to achieve and progress forward. Exploring these circumstances, Leddie MC provides answers and motives into overcoming them inferred through emotive spurring register.

The first verse conveys a series of differing moments to which a plethora of people have been through or are going through right now, the hardships. I do this for the girls that play footy in the school yard’ – links to derogatory comments made by certain individuals upon this action, I have heard women myself being slated for playing football and not carrying out an activity which is apparently more suited to the gender from stereotypical viewpoints. Very rightfully so Leddie is supporting and encouraging every movement that anyone wishes to carry out with the correct mindset and mannerisms. To not care about comments made but to get up and keep enjoying what you are participating in.

Extracting another statement ‘fruits of the same seeds that they harvest’ reiterates a situation where perhaps someone is taken for granted and not truly appreciated. Again heavily relatable to many, it can be decrypted for another outcome but the main analyses I take from this is exactly that as well as those who try to control the growth of others, the worst beings to exist. This may imply a time that someone has attempted to control her growth personally which is addressed here to reflect on.

I’ve been all of those people and I’m not ashamed to admit it’ – Leddie has stood in those shoes and is representing everyone, open-minded and willing to learn, to push on and achieve. Humbleness, you can not ask for anything more than that. ‘the path that we take is based on every choice we incite cos were all something or other at different points in our life’ – the methods to which a problem is worked around or seen through, someone has been in the same position at alternative moments throughout their life time. No one is alone.

Each hook reverts back to the poignancy of ‘the path you take when you face a fork in the road’. Overcome whatever is halting any developments, always output the best that you can possibly offer and you will not regret anything you do. I’m sure Leddie would mention along the lines of the same advice when speaking upon these topics asides from laying her lyrics.

Listen via Spotify or any other streaming platform

Check it out, form your own opinions and feedback, there is a great deal more to be discussing.

This is a song where you can chill out and jam, thought provoking, in addition to this you could be working out, taking inspiration and motivation into your stride. Whatever you do, enjoy the conscious vibes and catchy flows whilst following and supporting Leddie MC in the icons beneath.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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