Smooth Jezza – Interview Recap

Thursday night saw Smooth Jezza link up on the line with Prod Rage and DJ V8 for a wicked phone-in which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Although there wasn’t a solid set of questions to be asked and followed upon, there a great deal to take away from the conversation. Jezza sent over a couple exclusives within the catalogue of tracks he has recorded, speaking on the reasoning to one of them being named ‘My Luck’, THIS BE THE CLICK and more.

On doing the show with Danny Riley and regularly being involved:

“I absolutely loved it like, I was sitting in front of a mirror while the songs were playing and I kept on catching myself grinning ear to ear. It was like a feeling that I haven’t felt before, it wasn’t like a gig, butterflies or anything like that it was like a whole different ball game. It was class, it was amazing, it’s a pleasure to be a part man. It’s going to be a thing, buzzing, absolutely buzzing, look forward to tuning in every Saturday and representing CUSH crew.”

Firing back memories with Prod Rage about the Scorcher gig under the former organisation of Kush Promotions, the first event in the North East to hold grime clashes live where Jezza went and got ‘KUSH’ tattooed on stage. Doing his thing for a long time now, he rolled slightly more on his own then – tell us about a bit about THIS BE THE CLICK:

Dubs came back on the bounce, he had got married, kids, doing his own thing, he was full on, job, dad mode and all the carry on, he just needed a release again so he was like Yo Jez. He came back up and we sat and wrote three songs in that day and we started recording recording recording, dropping out mixtapes, I think we dropped like a mixtape every week of January last year or something like that. Then we done a music video every Tuesday and Friday. So it was pretty full on, I think my man burned the candle out both ends again, burned himself out, so he’s taking a hiatus. It’s all love but we’ve got different mindsets and that at different times so he’s just doing his thing at the minute, gathering himself, he’ll be back though.

“But I am still sitting on a lot of THE CLICK stuff that I’ve produced myself that’s not out yet. I’ve got a THIS BE THE CLICK album produced by me, I’ve got a solo album produced by me, a features album. The track featuring fungiFerg that you’ve just heard there was meant to be on ‘For The Fans Pt.4’ which is a series of mixtapes I drop for free on my Bandcamp for free download. Part four is finished and it’s doing nowt, just sitting there collecting dust, there’s twelve tracks on there finished, mixed, ready to drop. Then I’ve got the ‘Immortality Project’ which has got thirteen tracks on. ‘Help’ EP which is me solo which has got seventeen tracks, ‘Help’ feature album which features at least two rappers plus me on every song – there’s fourteen finished tracks. I’m sitting on loads of material produced by myself bar ‘For The Fans Pt.4’ but I don’t know what to do with it.”

Insights to work processing:

“The first time in months where a Hip-Hop instrumental has been recommended for me (on YouTube), so I clicked on it and heard it, it was a trap beat instantly so I wrote a song to it, recorded it that day. I used to do that like two/three times a day all the time just finding random beats on YouTube until I started producing my own music last year sometime. My writing process now is to make a beat first and write the bars to the beat I’ve just made which is sometimes long, by the time you start writing you’ve got like a headache kicking in off the beat process.

“Record, mix and master, soon as it’s done maybe go back to it the following day listen to it with fresh ears, give it a few tweaks, bounce it, then that’s that done, move onto the next one. Same with when I drop a project or videos, I just drop it then I expect my fans et cetera to do the sharing or spread the word. Now I’m seeing how it’s done correctly, which is like pre order the download this, that and the other, it’s like a foreign language to me all that, I’m just to old school in the new era.”


“Bigging up everyone in the comments all the time man, it’s such a laugh, it’s good vibes, everyone supporting the movement, everyone supporting since day one. Peter Longstaff, ever since day one my mans just bought anything I have dropped project wise and always supported my thing, props Peter Longstaff bro you’re an absolute don. Anyone like-minded like Peter who’s just down with independent local music supporting everyone’s dream. It’s a pleasure, I like seeing their faces at gigs and that. Shout out Mr Nugz.”

Playing out with My Luck – any story behind this one?

“I’ve just got terrible terrible luck, that’s just basically it. You’ll find like a lot of the stuff which is produced by myself on the Help’ EP it’s like self medication because maybe 2018 or something it was a terrible year. Like a lot of people, over twenty I knew overdosed or committed suicide and it was a very touch and go time so a lot of the music coming out of that was a bit like not dark but almost eerie you know what I mean, that type of stuff influenced a lot of the project. You’ll understand when you hear it, it’s vibes (but a tough one).”

It is difficult to portray the passion and expression in any written up piece so make sure to check out the audio just below as full justice is not provided to this excellent interview and perceptions included. Exclusive tracks spun either side of the phone-in:

  1. Smooth Jezza x fungiFerg – Oz
  2. Smooth Jezza – My Luck
  3. Smooth Jezza – Summer Moonshine
Smooth Jezza and Dubs (THIS BE THE CLICK)

Support Smooth Jezza in the links beneath, representing the whole North East, residing in Washington, this man is an absolute legend, upmost respect and appreciation! Thank you for always being involved from Kush Promotions, to CUSH:UK and TS1 REGGAE RADIO now, shelling events, being a brother to everyone and now collaborating with Danny to bring the ‘RRR’ show every Saturday.

Unfortunately the other scheduled interview for Reggae artist Mario Doriani wasn’t held due to personal commitments but we hope to have him scheduled back in the near future.

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