Preview – Shakk / Twin II / Eyeconic

Prod Rage has a blockbuster of a show in store for tomorrow evening co-hosted with special guest Shakk.

Shakk is an established artist from the Teesside area who has held connections within the organisation for years, performing at a number of events – check the ‘Music Reviews’ page for a little more on himself and information focusing on his latest release ‘Toxic Rick’. There will be a mixture of new bangers from the Reggae segment as well as UK Grime and Drill in the second half which will see an exclusive track from fungiFerg included amongst. He will welcome two interviews but in a slightly different layout compared to previous weeks.

The first being Twin II, representing Skipton, Yorkshire, a rapper and producer independently. On the line around 8:15pm having a general conversation and discussing processing within his music. We will be playing his newest track ‘14 Weeks Later’ – you can stream that before in the links beneath.

Second will be Eyeconic, originally from Poland but residing in Teesside. He will be live around 8:45pm speaking with Prod Rage and Shakk. Expect a vibrant and diverse chat between them all. Possibly touching on his latest album ‘DNR’ (Do Not Resuscitate) which includes a plenitude of underlying problems in alignment with his own experiences, further motivated by gothic elements and his knowledge from studies within creative writing. We played a featured track from NE-O with EyeconicJust Watch’ on the ‘RRR’ show Saturday just gone, check that in the playback of the show or through a couple of the links below.

Tune in through the link underneath:

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