Adjust Your Brightness

Brand new Reggae collaboration from rising UK artist Gleem featuring Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine – former lead singer of The Wailers 1998 – 2006 and Christian Cowlin – producer/sound engineer of The Wailers, a veteran with over 20 years experience travelling with the band. The track was mastered by Tim Charlton whilst being assigned to labels JahDax Publishing Inc. and 1Ness.

Adjust Your Brightness – the title of the track immediately conveys a clear message to all. Depending on how it is deciphered the main statements regard to adapting strategies and adjusting to situations. Referencing past and current difficulties, there is a real conscious portrayal within the lyrics whilst a fresh up-beat instrumental is conducted. Opening your eyes to what is occurring in day to day happenings, you can learn whilst enjoying the vibes.

political pirates can’t even follow their own guidance’ – This bar from the hook refers hierarchal figures stating rules for the population to follow but can’t follow the same ruling themselves. Creating further divisions between people and therefore rebellion amongst.

‘financial giants buy up an alliance’ – Can be related to a plethora of situations differing to context, however, it all boils down to those that possess the greatest affluence. Without naming specific examples, nations considered to be superpowers usually create alliances within their own statuses, they then go onto exploit developing or low economically developed nations to profit from as these will not receive any other income from elsewhere, a theory aligned to this is ‘Frank’s Dependency’. It is the same in terms of separate individuals within one nation or area taking advantage of others, disparity and inequalities.

tyrants for hire privately acquire’ – A so called leader oppressing cruelty and excessive force linking to the quoted lyrics above. Perhaps there is so many of them that they can be hired out to the so called ‘financial giants’ to take control at different stages being acquired privately with large sums of capital. As mentioned, it can link to vast amounts of situations such as slavery, dictatorships, where freedom of speech is no longer, those taking the top seats making those decisions.

we got conquer them all, we’ve got to trample them down, ah wicked man must fall, run them out of the town’ – Those with the correct mindset that are suffering due to these oppressors need to conquer through the challenges and stamp down those at the forefront of issuing them. Strive through as best as possible, unite together and provide our own outcomes. As we rise up, the wicked will fall.

who do we thank for queues at the food bank? I don’t know!’ – A repetitive conversational tone is held here with Gleem asking the questions then having the lyrical response from Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine. Many would argue that no one would have to queue at foodbanks if it wasn’t due to how systems are ran. People are prioritised and others are left with no support. There are adjacent predicaments to which different groups may be at a disadvantage but it can stem from those that are deemed to have the ‘most power’. A concluding message I can personally link this to is what is echoed in Bob Marley’s and The Wailers Get Up, Stand Up’. Defend each other and consider many perspectives as to why a certain action is taken, make this your ethos.

For me it is the complete track. These are my own interpretations and outsets based on my knowledge and understanding as well as how I think the artists have processed their thoughts. Create your own opinions and feedback to it in the comment section of the video and preview or this review post.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Show love and support to all the music created by artists Gleem, Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine, Christian Cowlin on production and everyone involved. Many thanks for reaching out, it is an absolute pleasure to help and spread the poignant messages and movement the track signifies, for tuning in and the continued music Gleem and Christain Cowlin have sent over for us to spin on our shows, it is hugely appreciated!


Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine

Christian Cowlin

Adjust Your Brightness

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