fungiFerg – TEES SOUND VOL.1

As stated on the Bandcamp details: introductory, the first instalment of a genre birthed in Teesside, North East of England, UK. A grimy tempo, it’s gritty, it’s dripping in bass, it’s the TEES SOUND! Produced, mixed and mastered by Prod Rage providing all the justice through the instrumental alongside the lyrics written and performed by fungiFerg. This is the second release from Ferg this year after ‘Send the Rockets’ in February which was also engineered by Prod Rage with the instrumental coming from DJ Turtz. It is the first in which is published under the new label of Tearaway Records.

TEES SOUND is the unique manner and genre in which fungiFerg delivers these lyrics, the special distinctive sounds that sets himself and everyone involved aside from others who try to reciprocate a style that is spearheaded by artists with a name for themselves already. His own original and authentic vibes.

more then competent I never let the team down, over confident I’m bringing in the TEES SOUND’ – Each hook reiterates that he will not let the team down. fungiFerg is assuring that he is capable and proficient of what he does. Assertive that he is sculping his way forward within independent and collaborative work, supplying riddims you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

so I’m making moves I hope you do too’ – Reverting back to the message within the hook, Ferg is being proactive to make the most of poor predicaments which have and continue to occur each day stemming from how systems are ran. Don’t sit and watch what people are doing, no matter what the circumstances are, get up and put the effort in to make something happen for yourself.

gotta hold it down for the UK yutes, cos they hold it down in a system fucked and fluked and set to fail em, minimum sterling is what they pay em’ – Pursuing to pave a way and set an example for those neglected within society. Holding it down and hoping many others follow himself in doing the same to alter how situations are managed, to change the quality of life for those who face difficult placements from divisions made by the government and hierarchal figures failing on a daily basis. Many work outstandingly hard and aren’t paid a fair wage compared to some that don’t do half as much for the benefit of the population or are a part of the system failing. He is addressing a select amount of people in prominent positions which aren’t deserved.

Providing knowledge, awareness and support through his music to resonate with. It is a track in which you can reflect upon what is mentioned whilst relaxing, one you can vibe to on many different levels, motivating yourself whilst completing an activity, it is diverse.

Artwork by Mark Stacey (@ms_creative_works Instagram)

Click on the Bandcamp link to listen to the track and structure your own interpretations/opinions. Follow the journey and movements of fungiFerg through the other links, stream his music, help to support independent artists.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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