EP 50 – Prod Rage & Jay R – Recap


Prod Rage hosted the 50th edition of The CUSH:UK Takeover Show with special guest Jay R Dreamchaser, 20/08/2020, it was not one to be missed!

Beginning with an hour of Reggae, featuring the greatest hits from each prior episode, with the likes of: Koffee, Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Gleem featuring Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine and much more. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of Dane Hype on the line so we will look to rearrange it for another time.

Moving into the second part of the show; it was dedicated to our special guest of the evening to showcase his own music and the movement of Street Bizness in which Jay R and artists/producers he has connected with across the world are involved within. A couple of these tracks played have been released already such as ‘Juice’ and ‘Millionaire Madness’ which he features on with Ali Sheik, however the vast majority are yet to be released – exclusively played on Thursday night! Expect to hear them on ‘The Graveyard Mixtape’ and the Retrospective album. Jay R spoke on a number of topics surrounding music and the developments of our own too – check the audio and/or read below to hear/see what he had to say alongside the opinions of Prod Rage.

In the final segment of the show, overall appreciation to the team was presented by spinning the favourite tracks of a few members from previous shows. Switching it back up with a mixture of Reggae and Rap/Grime from Danny, Bassline, Jungle and Garage from DJ Turtz and Rap/Grime from Jake plus two live phone-ins from Danny and Jake. Carry on scrolling to hear these as well or playback through the streaming platforms.

Jay R Dreamchaser

Coming in with ‘Gorilla’ (produced by Paroxysm) and speaking on ‘Millionaire Madness’ featuring with Ali Sheik:

Jay R: “So basically, Johnny Million Records is a label in Brooklyn, New York. I heard a couple of his (Ali Sheik) songs on Spotify and I was like ‘yo, I need to holla at this guy, I need a verse’ and it just so happens that this guy was like ‘yo bruv I’ve listened to yours as well lets do a little track together’ – so this was like six weeks in the making cos I was saying ‘lets find a beat and that’ and he said ‘na I’ll make it’ and I’m very picky with my beats, it was one of them ones where the process was long but the end result was this. He’s hard, he’s raw, Brooklyn’s the home of Hip-Hop, it goes without saying, it was a privilege to work with somebody like that, he’s known in the streets not so much as a major artist but in the streets is where it starts really.”

The single ‘Aim’ will feature on ‘The Graveyard Mixtape’ – Jay R heard the beat on YouTube and contacted the producer with a clip of himself spitting over it – he proceeded to make it his own after receiving a great reception.

New Flex

Jay R: “That was taken off the album ‘Retrospective’ which is coming out around the 10th of September. I’m constantly making, that’s a story track, I’m always tryna let people listen to my story as opposed to just listening to a piece of music. So that one for me is totally different as opposed to things I’ve done before that – so if you listen to things off ‘Fragments’ or just singles I’ve put out before now, you’ll hear that nothings been quite as bouncy as ‘New Flex’ cos it’s a new flex, it is what says on the tin.”

Prod Rage: “It’s a nice vibe, I’ve not heard that vibe come from you.”

Jay R: “That’s what I’m saying, you know me for the Rap, just straight down the line, bars, say it how it is. But now it’s like, when your earbuds are manipulating the music and become versatile with the craft that you’ve got, I think you’re able to do a lot of things.”

Prod Rage: “That’s what an artist is.”

Doin Me’ by Big Lyfe, an artist from Pittsburgh in the States – apart of Street Bizness:

Jay R: “Keeping it on the lines of Big Lyfe cos he’s just put out a new song called ‘Famous’ – I first met Big Lyfe in 2015. He was kinda going through like a hard time in his life and it was just the case of networking online, back and forth with music and such, we got talking, he’s a very talented man and the last time I spoke to him he had over seven hundred tracks written on his phone. I was like ‘yo, you’ve got seven hundred songs, lets get in!’ – he was like ‘yo, lets do a little track together’ – at the time I was honest with man, ‘there’s no way I can keep up with the level that you’re on’ – cos for me, five year ago, I was finding my lane to kinda stay in.

“First and foremost he’s a battle rapper, so making songs is not his first art and only last year we got talking again, he went through a bit of an episode and he was like ‘what are you doing music wise?’ – I told him about the Street Bizness thing – ‘I’m kinda gathering a collective of artists, from not just the North East, not just the UK, I’m trying to do it internationally. We’ve got a fair few people there, I’m trying to do this thing, it’s a little bit of a movement.’ – I’m not really asking anything of these artists but I think it’s good we can all put the trust in each other and move forward with the things that we’ve got.”

Prod Rage: “It sounds like a similar vision and goal to what we have here at CUSH, a global image to promote these global artists.”

Jay R: “100%, I think a lot of people push for that, everybody wants to unite, but until your physically putting in the work, putting in the hours, lets be honest when your making music nobody understands how much time goes into the business side of music. It’s never about just jumping in the studio, back in the day I always thought it was about just jumping in the studio making two/three tracks a day and putting a track out for seventeen of my friends. Now it’s different, you’ve gotta cater for a whole.

“I’m just tryna move and create a different kinda lane with Street Bizness, collect some artists from all over, vocalists, I’ve got producers from Germany, I’m just working with a fresh new producer now called Steven Lupton, big boy producer, I was going live and he said ‘ah, I’ve got a beat for ya for the project, would you mind if we can try get it on the ‘Retrospective’ album?’ – I was like: ‘all the beats have been picked at this time’ – so he sent me the beat and I’ve listened to this beat, I said to man ‘yo bruv, this is definitely going on the album’ – so now I’ve gotta pull back the album cos the album was gonna come like the 5th September but obviously I’ve gotta give it another week to add this other track on. This guy sent me a beat and he sent me like sixty beats, I’ve been working with producers for like four/five years that have only sent me like twenty beats, in one beat pack this guy sent me sixty, that’s big moves so as well as the having the artists to put out the music I’ve also got the producers to produce the beats.”

Glass House’ – ‘The Graveyard Mixtape’ – Nature featuring Jay R, Nocks & Keech

Jay R: “I’ve made music with Nocks aka Kamikaze going on eleven/twelve years, we had like a little bit of a break. He’s not like an artist first and foremost, he is an artist but a graffiti artist, he does sketches and that, he’s got a few raps but we did music together in college. We started doing a lot of stuff together, few more things in the pipeline and that.”

Danny Riley: “How do you think we could promote the shows better?”

Jay R: “I think yous are doing alright anyway, just obviously push it out a little bit more, broaden your horizons, reach out, network, communicate with other people. Maybe try and network with other radio stations, do a little bit of research on what other people are doing, see what’s working for other people, put that together and find your own way sorta thing. You don’t necessarily have to follow suit, it’s always best to make your own.”

‘Rise Again’ Jay R featuring Keech

Jay R: “We just heard Keech on ‘Glass House’, brilliant vocalist, again this is from networking with my guy Kamikaze. He’s worked with her a couple of times, when I was writing the song, first of all I had two male vocalists on the hook and when I sent it to the producer back, Derek Grant, he said ‘listen, I need a female vocalist on there, it’s kinda one of them ones where I need to break it down’ – I sent it to my guy and he sent it back within a week and this is what we got. Derek Grant is like my main international producer. He’s making ridiculous moves, it’s one of them ones but I’m very humbled with what I do, I’m never like ‘yo, mans doing this, mans doing that’ – if I’m working, I’m working, and if I’m quiet I’m busy as fuck (excuse the language) if I’m not really saying nothing that’s because I’m busy.

“So yeah, me and Derek Grant met through another producer I know called Platinum Plaques, he was actually the first producer I ever made a track with in the States. He sent me a track and I’ve done a remix to it ‘She’s Down’ remix in 2018 but the original song actually came out in 2014. Platinum Plaques put me in touch with Derek after putting me in touch with who’s now like my manager over in Louisville, Kentucky, OT aka Terrance Avery, he holds the books for the big, big, big label over there, My Own Boss (MOB) Entertainment, shout out the team.

“He (OT) put me in touch with Derek and said ‘you know, I feel like you could work with this guy’ and it took my like a good couple of months to get this guy to open the doors for man cos everything I was sending him he was like ‘nah, you need to come better than that’ – they don’t mess about. The first couple of times I was kinda like broken hearted at the fact I’ve put all this time into this one song and then when he broke it down he said ‘don’t try and rush something that’s gonna come anyway’ so then he sent me one beat and then after that one beat I recorded the track and this is another project that I’ve got, I’ve been sat on it for like two years, called ‘BOATS’ which stands for ‘Based On A True Story’ that’s a eight track EP and all the beats are original produced by him himself. Now, when he said to me ‘don’t try and rush something that’s gonna come’ in a sense he was trying to teach me that the songs will come, you don’t have to think about it, if I’m talking about an episode in my life it doesn’t necessarily have to be what’s already been, it can be what’s going to come.”

‘Doin The Most’ – OT & Jay R

Jay R: “This has been like three years in the making cos he’s a busy dude. I’m the only artist apart from himself on his label but he’s a busy guy, he’s got a clothing label over there so he’s out there moving, he’s about his business. So I just got this track back obviously to go on the album (‘The Graveyard Mixtape’). He actually put this out on his album last year and I said ‘yo, take this song off the album we need to put that on my album’ – so he gave me the pleasure of doing that.”

On My Level Remix – Jay R featuring Quepe

Jay R: “Quepe is like a sister to me, I love the bones off her, she’s from STL, St. Louis (USA). She’s the first rapper, first lady of Street Bizness. She’s also artist networking over there, her side, so if she goes out to like – open mic nights (before the COVID obviously) – she’d go out to the open mic nights and source for people we’d work with and so on, grabbing a couple of producers over that way too. You can find her everywhere, she’s on YouTube, she’s got a track out called ‘Hannibal’ – one of her latest tracks, run that up. She’s just got one due to drop produced by Derek Grant, so we both work with the same producer, called ‘Find Out’ – that’s a deadly song.

“We’re working on a EP project planned, me and Quepe. So we’re gonna do like a six track EP. Obviously before COVID we were planning on me travelling over there, getting a visual for ‘On My Level’ because the way I’ve done it, I’ve dropped ‘On My Level’ the original, as the single without the visual. But I’m not going to release this song (only on obviously the album) without a visual, it’ll be available on the album but it won’t be available on YouTube or anything like that.”

Conversating on influences to ‘Flawless Victory’ as well as thought processing on generalised viewpoints, drawing similarities:

Jay R: “There’s a lot of people making a lot of noise when they’re doing music, I come from a very old school generation and background of people. When somebody’s speaking on something and then you see them doing completely the opposite, living their actual life, not the studio life you know cos there’s a lot of these people that live that life in the booth and not that kinda lifestyle outside. There’s a few things that I’ve spoken on, a few things that I’ve touched on, it needs to be said. Yeah I put some statuses out, that’s just my opinion, and you know, social media is sometimes the devil’s playground. Lets be real with one another. I don’t even think it’s anything you’ve gotta realise that your doing, your entitled to your opinion. An opinion is like an arsehole, nobody likes them.”

Prod Rage: “We’re a bit more mature now, the older heads of the scene, with us it’s about chilling out and creating a vibe.”

Jay R: “This is what I don’t get though, there’s a lot of this generation that think it’s about challenging one another to who’s got the better this, who’s got the better that, who’s got how many songs, who’s got how many albums. There’s a fair amount of artists out there screaming unity but at the same time they’re kinda moving in a selfish manner.”

Prod Rage: “Definitely, we’ve felt that a lot especially in the Reggae scene, it’s all about unity but people move salty sometimes. It’s strange. Like I was saying with you, Kush Promotions could’ve been a hell of a lot bigger if people got behind it rather than bitching about it.”

Jay R: “Yeah it goes back to what you just said, the beginning for me with the Kush (now CUSH) family was when we done the O2. That was a massive gig!”

Prod Rage: “For us, for the artists, for the North East. That was huge!”

Jay R: “Lets not beat around the bush, there’s a lot of people that have had the opportunity that they would not have had from say people like yourself, people that are willing to put others on that platform and give them an opportunity to perform at such a space like the O2 Academy. Then it’ll be the same circle of people or within that circle when your doing something else that doesn’t serve them a purpose won’t show you love back. It’s always the case and that’s why I get a little bit of hate because I’m saying it how it is. Too many snakes in the grass, sometimes they’re gonna get stepped on.”

Playing out with ‘Juice’

Jay R: “This song is a madness, I’ve pulled this track out of the bag, it’s not even the way I put tracks together but my outlook on it was kinda move outside the box and see what the reaction is to it.”

Street Bizness

Follow Street Bizness underneath – uniting people with the same vision to achieve.

Follow Jay R Dreamchaser in the icons beneath as well as playing back the audio on the home page, streaming platforms or titled below.

Danny Riley

DJ Turtz

Jake Emery

It goes to say from all of us here at CUSH:UK and TS1 REGGAE RADIO, a huge thanks, to all the artists that have sent in music and joined us for live interviews, everyone that has supported, tuned in to any show and continues to do so. We appreciate it immensely, best wishes and blessings to you all! Here’s to many more!

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