R2T2 – Flows Of The Tyne

R2T2 unleashed a flurry of new heat on a dominant basis under the instrumental, production, engineering and visuals carried out by $.O.N.N.Y and SGM Studios with the complete efforts from everyone involved portrayed to a wider audience upon JDZ Media for the first time.

Lyrical content included throughout the whole track is immense as it complements a heavy, trademark, S.O.N.N.Y beat. As mentioned within the bio as a part of Tearaway Records, R2T2 delivers constant arrays of bars fired towards comparisons and wordplay amongst interests such as football, other sports and events aligning with the vision. Truthful, motivational and poignant choices which will set him up for continued greatness moving forward in his journey.

not a gangster why would I fake it, you act like your on road, your not and I hate it’ – Reiterating that R2T2 brings his own individualist grime manner and flow, there is no pretending, no emulation of something fake, just straight up, pure, purposeful bars! Many artists forging the path within the same area are reciprocating with their unique style, they want to be different and ultimately leave a legacy of work for people to enjoy and resonate with. There is plenty more of this to unfold.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, I don’t need you or your interference, I am Van-Dijk when I come with the clearance, centred at the back with experience’ – Referring to those who try to halt or speak down on the movements of others that are working to forge their way through. No one wants any interferences, if you aren’t providing constructive criticism or anything pleasant, then don’t say it, concentrate on your own game. We get into a figurative football related punchline likening the situation to a commanding defender clearing out from the back – he is smashing his way through the derogatory auras and doubts how Virgil Van-Dijk clears the ball, upmost force and precision adapting to the predicament. Not possessing as much experience within making music compared to some but throughout his life, the understanding has built up to influence the whole message implied.

Known in the North East now like Vera, best thing to come out of this city since Shearer’ – A relational simile aimed towards the television series ‘Vera’ which is primarily set in Northumberland and alternative spaces across the North East. Humorous but also meaningful as it is a comparison you wouldn’t expect to hear, however it is largely followed in and around the region as well as further afar, just how R2T2 is pushing himself to be like within his own craft. The Alan Shearer bar maybe slightly hyperbolic but he is confident that the present and future ahead is very promising to say the least and that can’t be disagreed on.

Echoing Leon Layton – the camera angles are on point, we all perhaps just wanted to see more, with time, everything will steadily develop as it has up to this point but the promise and goals he has set are well and truly in progress. Making a solid mark on a prestigious channel – desiring to lead the way and shed light on Newcastle as a hotspot for excellent creative ability. Be alert to future releases because they are coming rapidly, effort and ethic are second to none.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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