Rap Time – Review

Saturday – 22/08/2020 – saw the return of Rap Time! The first event in which has been held since the lockdown disabled gatherings of such and it was a vibe to say the least!

Hosted by Rick Fury and Gilly Man Giro alongside DJ A.D.S on the decks spinning his own mix of classic tracks in the run up to each performance. Rick and Gilly also kept the energy circulating whilst building up to each artist taking to the stage. This saw Rick bring out a few of his own tracks, spitting over instrumentals that were spun and having a great laugh with everyone in attendance. Huge respect and appreciation for all involved in putting this great night together.

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HBH-Man (ThundeR-H) and Just-B were first up and they absolutely smashed it! Setting the pace early with ‘Sin City’ taken from ‘The Perfect Storm’ album, the crowd was pumped and primed for more to unwind. Another track included within the rest of their set was the unreleased ‘Super Saiyan’ – a potent piece drawing back and forth reception with each audience it is performed in front of and it was no different on this very night. Concluding the very first free reigned Rap Time line up, HB left everyone with the hard hitting ‘Dead Mates’ – it’s an emotional, soul motivational, dedication to loved ones that have passed away.

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Max Gavins – Providing more rap and hip-hop, Max jumped on the mic for a shorter set but held it down with assurance without 90BRO (being RuMaz collectively) – the first time in which I have seen him perform solo. Opening up with his recording from a Shutter Productions session, a track that oozes with versatility and talent. ‘Take Off’ came second, finally followed by an unreleased exclusive named ‘Whipped’.

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Philth Like – The final set came from Philth, showcasing a mixture of slower paced rap ranging through to garage sounds. Spinning a couple tracks from his ‘World Wide Waster’ EP being ‘Brain Change’ and ‘Wasteman Spaceman’. Recent releases such as ‘Mates on a Train’ as well as ‘Happy in the Rough’ were performed amongst more singles old and new.

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Stretching through the night and finishing off with a scene of the song performed in front of the audience. A video was shot by Sektion Red of a new release coming from Gilly Man Giro, Just-B and Rick Fury. Look out for that one dropping in the near future.

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