Smooth Jezza – Energy

Smooth Jezza has released a brand new Dancehall riddim – something of which he hasn’t created a great deal of in comparison to the Rap and Hip-Hop vibes that are prominently published. He recorded the track prior to his mini hiatus where he was still enjoying working on shooting his own video to it. The production came from Meltin Muzik.

treble R, rough, rugged and roll, reggae, rap, riddim every Saturday on ma show’ – The alliterative R’s roll off captivatingly, implying a positive and relaxed feeling in which the listener can unwind to. Representing the ‘RRR’ show directly here as well, it’s simple but it sits brilliantly.

energy, energy straight energy, every time I bless the mic energy, energy, energy straight energy, good vibe for life I’m that energy’ – Restating the interpretation above, Jezza is providing the willingness to look through a problem, by applying this upbeat and energetic manner whilst loosening up. The process, laying lyrics and performing the craft are releases, throughout numerous bodies of work he has produced, he does the exact same and it is no different here, pure passion. The attitude inferred is admirable to say the least and spirit created aligns with listeners to transform into beneficial factors for themselves. Moving on from this hook, there are proportions of bars which include great humour, the mix is spot on.

There are an array of differing flows and lyrics to pick apart aside from what has been mentioned briefly here – personally eager and intrigued to hear more of Smooth Jezza producing amongst this genre of Dancehall and Reggae sounds. It is something that he should definitely explore further! Listen in to the track, share your own thoughts and feedback upon it.

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