R2T2 – Interview Recap

During the five hour set from all of the CUSH:UK and TS1 REGGAE RADIO team – 11/09/2020 – there was an interview for uprising Newcastle artist, R2T2, which was conducted primarily by Smooth Jezza. They discussed a few points in alignment with the rapid emergence of a career that has just kickstarted.

Smooth Jezza referred to R2T2 representing the North East throughout his music and most recently in his release ofFlows Of The Tyneon JDZmedia:

R2T2: “That was the aim, throwing as many little things in. I’m a massive, massive Toon fan, I’ve been a season ticket holder for thirteen years now, it was just nice to get the second home (St James’ Park) in the video.”

Smooth Jezza: “What else have you got coming?

R2T2: “I’ve got two tracks just about ready from $.O.N.N.Y’s side and I’ve got Prod Rage’s nearly finished – just about. I’m gonna drop two of them in a week and I’m open to come down your way in that studio (to get that track finished).”

Smooth Jezza: “Is this going to be on an EP – a whole project?

R2T2: “Not at the minute, I’m thinking about making one, I’m dropping tracks at the minute and maybe pick a few from the ones I drop, then put something together after. In the works as it goes along, the next one is either going to be a fast one like ‘Flows Of The Tyne’ or it will be a deep one first, more of a storyteller, vice versa. I’m hoping to get both of them done straight away even if ones just an audio and ones a video, get two out in the week instead of waiting. I’ve got a full time job and a son at home – (so I’m just trying to juggle them all) – trying to do the best I can, keeping the work rate solid because I’ve got lots to say. I’m proud to be where I am from, it’s always something I wanted to do – (not necessarily even to do with music) – but to represent the city.”

On coming a long way in a short space of time:

“I used to do bits of music here and there when I was younger then I just stopped because I didn’t think that I had the time. Like I say, things change, I just woke up one morning – Prod Rage knows – I sent him a video on my phone, it was nothing serious but it turned into something serious and it just went from there really. I’m not gonna stop now, once you’re in you’re in.”

For more depth to the conversation have a listen in to the audio just below. Huge thanks to R2T2 for taking the time to share his thoughts and processing upon his music, very best wishes in the continuous development of the journey which is well and truly underway.

Follow R2T2 here:

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