Major Grumpy – Interview Recap

Thursday – 01/10/2020 – Major Grumpy linked up with Prod Rage on the line to discuss all things music. Unfortunately Jay R Dreamchaser was unable to join within the studio but G-Rhyme General called by, vibed and engaged in the interview.

What We Learnt

Major Grumpy is a Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall artiste, residing in London, UK, where he completes most of his musical works. Holds skills within producing tracks as well as being the CEO of MG Productions record label.

A day prior to holding this conversation with the team, Major Grumpy flew to his native to start the completion of a project which he is working upon. This particular body of work holds mass involvement in the production and engineering stages of professionals in these departments from Jamaica. A single released just recently ‘A Neva Me’ may well feature on this project, however, this was produced by PROGRESS BOSS MUSIC [DANGLES INT’L] of Canada, a connection which Major Grumpy optimises and works with frequently. Look out for a new riddim potentially dropping towards the end of October – ‘Can’t Stop Me’.

Very consistent with his creations, Major Grumpy spoke on another track which was released around six weeks ago – ‘Wake Up’. He explained that it was a ‘dancing song’ and aimed at those who need to ‘wake up’ in the current circumstances of the world, implying that hierarchal figures aren’t handling anything correctly. This song is a massive favourite of DJ V8’s featuring heavily upon his live podcasts.

Another subject touched upon was a dream collaboration, Dennis Brown was the definitive. Growing up listening to his work, an enormous inspiration to what he produces.

It was a pleasure to speak with Major Grumpy. To hear all of these points and further discussions from himself, please listen and download the audio just below. Make sure to follow, support and stream his music in the social icons beneath too.

Tracks played either side of the interview:

  1. Am Not Rich (Millionaire Riddim)
  2. Wake Up

To book Major Grumpy for an event – get in touch via WhatsApp:

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