Just B – Preview

Ashington’s Just B will join Prod Rage and fungiFerg on the line this Thursday to delve into plentiful concepts and experiences throughout an outstanding, pioneering career.

Representing the North East of England, Just B has conquered boundaries in aim of expressing himself and gaining recognition for the region for a near decade, if not longer, within genres of Rap and Grime. His own unique rapid flows and individualistic Geordie dialect style have opened doors which were shunned for a large proportion of time.

He consistently remains true to the roots by portraying hardships of life events amongst the impactful bars delivered in his verses. Ultimately providing valuable inspiration to all listeners.

Just B teamed up with H-Man to form HB. Most notably creating the albums ‘The Perfect Storm’ and ‘Overcast’ which also infer equivalent intentions in alignment with B’s solo work. Collaborating with the likes of: Rick Fury, Chattabox, fungiFerg, KV$HNOODLE and NE-O of NE Dons numerous times, the latest release being ‘Snowing’, no doubt there will be copious editions to add to the legendary legacy!



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Just B (LIVE)

Lock in through the link beneath or look out for directories on our socials!

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