Sox – Preview

Inside! Prod Rage and fungiFerg will be joined by Sox on the line to discuss all things music whilst discovering invaluable insights from his experiences.

Hailing from Birmingham, the veteran Grime emcee has solidified his craft over many years within the genre, during the time he has also ventured into the energetic DnB scene. Furthermore, Sox DJs for himself when on set by the name of XOS.

He has been a part of the Midlands group Invasion Alert alongside a wrath of talent as well as collaborating on tracks and featuring in freestyles with a plenitude of artists like: Jaykae, Tana, Devilman, Bugzy Malone, Manga Saint Hilare and North East’s very own Smooth Jezza.

His distinctive flows and punchy lyrics are complimentary to any instrumental he spits on, enthralling. A true great who undeniably will have a mass of content prepared to release when the time is right.

One of Sox’s latest freestyles via No Mics Needed


  hours  minutes  seconds


Sox (LIVE)

Listen live through the link below!

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