Sox – Interview Recap

DOI: 03/12/2020

Prod Rage and fungiFerg were joined by Sox on Thursday night and discussed a few experiences – how they have shaped his personal approaches, a new EP project incoming, along with many laughs to unpack in amongst.

fungiFerg: “What have you been up to during lockdown?”

Sox: “The first lockdown I was just writing songs and working on my garden cos it was summer then, just writing a lot of music. Luckily the second lockdown, restrictions allowed for studios to remain open so we’ve been able to get back recording again, got some new music, I’ve got an EP coming out in January with Studio SVN. Most of the time and that still, it’s a good thing for artists init, I think everyone got their Spotify reports yesterday as well, a lot of people have stayed in over the weekends and it has boosted the artists streams overall. There’s a win in every situation man, obviously not being able to perform live is not ideal as an artist, but you know, we make through.

“Most of the festivals we was booked at, for example: NASS, we done live stream versions as well, so some of the festivals tried to cope by doing them live streams. When there’s no crowds it’s not the same at all.”

fungiFerg: “Within the next year are there any shows that you are planning or you are thinking of going to countries wise?”

Sox: “Yeah I’m definitely trying to go to Australia next year still, there’s a lot of Australians over there and New Zealanders that are into Grime and UK music at the moment.”

fungiFerg: “What was it like to work with BBK?”

Sox: “It was a good experience, it was like a learning curve init cos there’s no university for Grime so to speak. Being the age I was and having like a management progression deal at 21 helps a lot. Especially things now, I can help up and coming artists with like years down the line that probably won’t get to experience the industry that quick or that early in their career.

“I tend to do a lot of features with up and coming artists if you’ve noticed on the internet more than my own projects. Even if I haven’t got an album out at the time I’ll make sure I’ve got a feature with artists from all over the UK.”

Stemming from this, Sox mentions that hopefully next year there can be a Newcastle emcee involved on The Rap Game UK which would further help to propel the talent in the area.

Prod Rage and fungiFerg slightly referred in the wrong direction of Danny Riley’s question for Sox which was touching on whether he will let anyone DJ for him again after what happened at the 4 Owls gig in Leeds, however, the question which prevailed was if Sox will let Danny DJ for him when potentially putting on a show in the North East, nevertheless it produced a great response:

“Yeah of course, well you know what, we’ll do a Newcastle show init, you lot will probably know the venues better than me, once the restrictions are off and that we’ll put something on and of course it will be an honour to work with the mandem.”

As Smooth Jezza stated that Sox got him hooked on Dragon Soop when they linked up, he highly recommends the strawberry flavour or the new rhubarb and custard edition of the drink.

Additional comments on the forthcoming EP:

“First month of next year, probably the last week of January. It’s called ‘The Studio SVN EP’. It’s a collection of people that work in the same studio under the label ‘SVN’. The way the project has came around is, I made a single there and it was originally gonna be a single, but in the time it took me to get the single mixed down and cos it’s the mandem anyway, I ended up getting another two songs done and a snippet of another one. My close circle, shout out Fibez, shout out Frikz.”

Check out Sox’s track ‘I Swear’ in the video above, this will star on the EP. Or listen into the audio where it also features at the end of the conversation as well as differing details to each point. Support the immense talent he possesses through every link provided and look out for the new drop coming soon! Highest gratitude and appreciation for taking the time to share all information with us, brilliant to hear the insights first-hand whilst having a wicked laugh!

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