RobRez – Preview

Prod Rage and fungiFerg will speak to RobRez on Thursday as they look to discover his reputable career rise throughout clothing, art and music; involving the motives, inspirations and insights as to how he makes it tick.

Representing Newcastle having moved to the UK at a young age from Germany, RobRez is heavily involved within Only Grind, they established their own platform to showcase their abilities which have already been recognised on a large scale; yet there is so much more growth and evolution to take place. Releasing music under the label of Only Grind Records as well as dropping a fresh clothing brand Only Grind Clothing, it has been pieced together ever so fluently.

One of the kickstarting prestigious moments for RobRez and everyone involved occurred earlier this year with the popular drop of ‘0191’ featuring Rambizy, surpassing 50,000 views on YouTube. This followed debutant release ‘Kill Em’ which embraced a boom bap style beat whilst tracks that have emerged since have explored numerous approaches with elements of genres such as: Trap, Drill and further Rap sounds blended together, a unique offering. These have notably been presented in his first body of work ‘Ne1 to Anywhere’, also singles: ‘Early Bird’, ‘One Day’, ‘Back to Graft’, ‘On Job’ and ‘Flip’, collaborating with a plethora of artists like: P Mann, both members of NE DonsNE-O and Castle, Zico MC and Kkenz.

Not only does RobRez delve into multiple genres when creating music, he paints prominently in an array of styles as a passion, ultimately aiding to make a living. Possessing outstanding aptitude all round, he is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on, destined for continuous success.

Visit RobRez’s Instagram art page here

Visit RobRez’s personal website here

Shop RobRez’s art prints via Etsy here



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RobRez (LIVE)

Lock in from 7:00pm via the link below!

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