RobRez – Interview Recap

DOI: 10/12/2020

RobRez linked up with Prod Rage and fungiFerg on the line to speak upon a semantic of subjects all tying into each aspect of his craft throughout clothing, art and music.

A brief insight of the collective OGT:

RobRez: “OGT stands for the Only Grind Team, which is me, P Mann, Rambizy and A$H96.”

Comments on moving to the UK from Germany:

RobRez: “I came here in 2008, just basically my Mam getting a new job and that really, I came here in year nine, I could hardly speak English as well, it’s canny mad.”

fungiFerg: “Were you always into music when in Germany or was it when you got to the UK you picked up on it more?”

RobRez: “It’s a bit funny because I grew up on American Rap and German Rap, there was no UK Rap what so ever, so that’s the thing I was used to.”

fungiFerg: “Are there any German rappers that we should be looking out for, any potential collaborations?”

RobRez: “To be honest we’ve got one track recorded with a German rapper, MO68, check him out. Other than that, I listen to a lot of Gzuz, he’s from Hamburg, he’s sick. SSIO, he’s from about where I was born, which is in Düsseldorf, he’s from around there, from the west side of Germany.”

fungiFerg: “When it comes to new releases, is that just music or have you got new releases when it comes to the clothing line with Only Grind and things like that?”

RobRez: “I mean you know the music, the clothing, it all links together at the end of the day. We try push each thing one by one, not trying to do too much at the same time if you know what I mean. It’s all part of the same vision but step by step, that’s how we’re tackling them init.”

fungiFerg: “We’ve got to touch on the art as well man, is that something you’ve done progressively since being young?”

RobRez: “Yeah, through school, sixth form, I actually went to uni for it as well at Northumbria.”

Prod Rage: “Just on your art, Danny Riley is asking, what is your favourite painting that you’ve done so far?”

RobRez: “I’ve actually done a Snoop Dogg one recently, I really really like that one. Obviously because I am a Snoop Dogg fan but I just liked the way it came out.

“I’ve been experimenting with a few different styles lately, I’ve been doing a few cartoon ones as well like Mickey Mouse. Obviously we’ve got the Only Grind clothing brand but I’m about to drop my art range as well, the art clothing range. That’s coming for like spring time, just putting the last bits together but it’s on the way.”

RobRez continues by saying that he is booked up for the remainder of the month but taking orders on commission pieces for 2021. Further stating that there is a hugely talented team in OGT, he notified everyone of Rambizy’s first solo video to ‘Dasheen’ released on Halloween which possesses potent bars and energy combined with insane visuals.

Touching on the visuals:

RobRez: “In the past I’ve worked with COH Visuals and Feka Films which are both actually my friends since I’ve moved to the UK so I try keep it in the circle because at the end of the day I’d rather put money in my friends pocket than anyone else.”

fungiFerg: “What’s your targets for the future, for 2021, when it comes to both art and the music and as a team?”

RobRez: “I mean it’s just keep pushing the vision and also we hope to open up a studio soon as well, that’s a whole team thing going on right now. We’re trying to make like an art and music studio, a new kinda thing, a creative zone for everyone and obviously, hopefully to perform as well!”

fungiFerg: “Where would you wanna perform when able to or just literally anywhere?”

RobRez: “Anywhere to be honest, anywhere! We will travel to the end of the world if we have to!”

Concluding the conversation RobRez outlined: “We’re gonna start the new year with a bang! I’m gonna end it like this, there’s a lot of talent in the North East right now and it’s really a shift going on, from the youngers to the olders, everyone’s really smashing it and I really see a future ahead right now.”

Latest release ‘Death Row’ is now available on all streaming platforms alongside the enthralling visuals via YouTube which premiered last week.

Listen to the audio just below or head over to to playback the episode for full expression and extra detail to each talking point. Check out all links beneath to support RobRez and Only Grind. Upmost appreciation and gratitude for taking the time to share the thoughts, information and overall vision to every area of the work with us!

Visit RobRez’s Instagram art page here

Visit RobRez’s personal website here

Shop RobRez’s art prints via Etsy here

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