slowthai – Thoughts

Northampton’s general has released ‘Thoughts’ as he turns 26 years old today and this is not the first time he has fused with proficient producer, JD. Reid, or the engineering of MsM Engineer to create a hard-hitting piece of work. His own previous experiences and contemplations are delved into with powerful lyricism; characteristics of which relate to many listeners and a plethora of outlooks can be extracted on how they are able to implement themselves moving forward. Mentality and motivation.

He is acknowledgeable of imperfections and mistakes made, open minded and striving to better himself each day – noble traits that everyone should embrace and utilise.

Even though ‘Thoughts’ will not be included upon his eagerly awaited second album ‘TYRON’ due to be dropped February 5, 2021, you can expect to hear tracks resembling the connotations and significance embedded here. ‘feel away’ and ‘nhs’ which will feature on the album highly vouch for that personal meaning in alike manners.

slowthai never falls short of pleasing his fanbase, even if it his birthday, he is giving! Appreciating of the energy and selfless gestures, respect!

Listen and support below!


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