Grim Sickers – John Fury 3

Grim Sickers returns with the third edition to the ‘John Fury’ series.

Fresh visuals to the motivational, heartfelt, ‘John Fury 3’, produced by Westy, have now premiered on YouTube following the release of the audio on Spotify and all streaming platforms at the beginning of the month.

Artwork – Mark Stacey

Venturing Ladbroke Grove and surrounding areas in the video, Sickers portrays elements of experiences and the hardships which have surfaced in alignment to those throughout his bars. It is symbolic of his overall journey which resonates with many listeners to draw comparisons upon – leading to a welcoming sense of inclusion and ultimately providing escapism when the track is played.

Speaking with CUSH:UK recently, Sickers outlined: “I’m inspired by Tyson Fury’s dad. Everyone’s inspired by Tyson Fury but I’m inspired how a mad man can give birth to the heavyweight champion of the world.”

Later in the conversation he mentioned that he fell in love with boxing when facing stress with music – finding it to be inspirational to himself. Although the focus in ‘John Fury 3’ is not directly addressing his love for boxing and how it has been beneficial, Grim Sickers touches on a few other processes that have aided personal progress in tough situations. These can be extracted by those listening to apply to their struggles as well as the overall vibe generated from the song being a shining light itself. To provide this is a main priority and goal within his craft: “that’s one of the best things I get out of music…”

Video – CameraManBean

Grim Sickers – Interview Recap – CUSH:UK

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