Shogun has collaborated with the production of Senga kickstarting the year with an EP project named ‘RISE HIGH’ consisting of four tracks.

Image Sean Cosgrove / Artwork Connull

Shogun ultimately continues to showcase innovation and growth within his work and how he carries himself on a daily basis. Atop of diverse instrumentals, the structure and delivery in each track is sensational!

Reign’ – Exemplifies his identity and the solidification of himself as one of the hardest-hitting rappers in the UK and across the globe with real-life concepts in comparison to those creating with no poignant purpose trying to thrive off of mainstream trends.

No Warning’ – A perfect passage leading from the opening track as he relentlessly pursues to unleash a flurry of bars. It oozes with ruthless lyrical content and differentiates to ‘Reign’ by beginning and being broken down with a captivating hook to alter the tempo.

Directed by Sean Cosgrove / Filming and editing Odoom Brothers / Additional visuals Kaz Coles

Glory’ – Industrial cinematic visuals present a representation of the gritty backdrop as to where Shogun grew up, in Paisley, situated to the west of Glasgow, Scotland. Illustrating the demolishment of high-rise flats, housing estates and abandoned buildings sets the scene for what was a tough upbringing in a deprived environment. It is also figurative for his craft to be smashing through boundaries set within the music industry.

"gliding over these streams of consciousness, I like rafters, I grew up with the grafters but I couldn't allow the trap to go and capture my ambitions, see my mission, won't end with me on a sharp end of a dagger or work a nine to five wasting away till I get cancer, family dream of a bowl o'fruits man am still starving for answers..." - Shogun, Glory

In a recent interview with CUSH:UK, Shogun implied that he formed his own style: “It’s difficult but I think me being very self conscious and aware of how I sound even what not made me craft a certain flow, a certain way, I got enough people to like it eventually with hard work, graft and a bit of luck.” – It is undisputed and formidable, possessing a powerful presence, as demonstrated in the construction of lyrics extracted from ‘Glory’ above and across his whole discography of work.

Intraspect’ – A slower pace to resonate further with reality. An odyssey, his heartfelt journey portrayed with an array of experiences and comments upon mental health – outpouring emotion. Acknowledging thoughts, feelings and what has occurred to shape who he is as an individual, friend and family member. Relatable to many personalities all over the world, providing escapism within his own method of release: “I am trying to speak for people who haven’t been spoken for, or at least not spoken for in rap. It’s a very fucking revolutionary time right now…” – Every situation has fuelled Shogun to reach this definitive stage, to overcome and progress forward by constantly challenging oneself, epitomising the project name, ‘RISE HIGH’.

"I'm just tryna make you see, that am more than an emcee, S H O don't forget the G..." - Shogun, Intraspect

Mixed and mastered by Hi5Ghost

Vocals recorded by Toni Smoke

Support Shogun’s work and listen to his interview with Prod Rage and fungiFerg below.

Shogun – Interview Recap – CUSH:UK

Purchase ‘RISE HIGH’ via iTunes here

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