Just B x 40 – Back to the Start

Just B has released his brand-new Grime – Makina EP entitled ‘Back to the Start’ in collaboration with the production, engineering, and a verse from 40, as well as calling on Rosko, Listaa, Castle and H-Man to feature on the project.

Makina originated in Valencia, Spain. A quick-paced techno genre which has been integrated with articulative sounds from German trance, Italian dance, and the North East rave scene to develop into the distinctive style it is. Introduced to the region near to 25 year ago, it featured in venues like The Colosseum, After Dark, and the notorious Blue Monkey of Bedford Street, Sunderland, which then became The New Monkey in Pallion due to an array of reasons. However, as a private members club and no alcohol license in operation, under 18’s could attend, granting them with a further sense of belonging, involvement, and growth in the culture.

B would listen to the likes of: DJ Scott, DJ Nitro, DJ Chrissy G, DJ Matrix, MC Techno T, MC Stretch, MC Scotty Jay, MC Stompin, MC Turbo D, MC Tazo and MC Ace to just mention a few. Rosko prominently MCs within Makina and has worked with a number of these names so it was only right for him to cross over to Grime to collaborate.

It captivated a large proportion of the unemployed, the working class of the 80s/90s and into the early 2000s whilst it still holds vast popularity to date as it is passed on to the younger generations. The beauty of the culture at the time was that it was somewhere to experience new music, there was minimal television coverage or internet access for this genre and the majority of those with the love and passion for it could not afford certain technology when it launched. Weekly or monthly events provided a time to look forward to. Pride on attendance, the socialising, the escapism, a release from the general day to day challenges within a deprived area of the region on the back of deindustrialisation – the same trends ranged into areas of Scotland such as Glasgow as well.

A plethora of youth clubs and initiatives like Sage Gateshead’s CoMusica Program incorporate a space for youngsters to get involved and express themselves through art, building confidence by writing lyrics, performing, and lessons in how to DJ, it is their creative area away from the struggles and an alternative way to release emotions compared to formal face to face discussions.

Dirty Circus’ – A couple weeks after outlining his forthcoming plans with Prod Rage and fungiFerg on The CUSH:UK Takeover Show, Just B provided us with his third Grime – Makina joint ahead of this eagerly awaited body of work. ‘Dirty Circus’ contains an intense delivery of lyrics atop of the 1999 ‘Killer BounceDirty Circus’ which is a German electronic hard trance track remixed to the 140 BPM mark by 40.

Overflow’ (feat. Rosko, Listaa & Castle) – Originating from Kuantize – an Italian collective project, the instrumental is complemented by the enthralling ‘blow that whistle’ vocals echoing between each verse. Immediately aligning to numerous nostalgic elements, it is fitting for Just B to state that he has come a long way from spitting in his youth club and acknowledgement of club night memories whilst Rosko also recalls his own experiences of raves in the past. Listaa reiterates change and reality which was touched on by B too, Castle then concludes by laying down his punchy rhyme in an assertive tone to close the track emphatically.

Blue Spaceflower’ (feat. 40 & H-Man) – The initial instrumental is reputably known from Sunflower, just like ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ – hence the accompanying artwork released in 2019 (see below). Either side of a poignant verse and gripping hook from B, 40 and H-Man respectively lay down their personal bars which add to the nobility of the track and leaves you wanting to hear more.

You Make Me Feel So Good’ – Dropped in 2019 being the second edition to the Grime – Makina tracks, it followed on in the same manner as ‘Halloween’ as Just B conveys his determined mentality whilst addressing his roots and aspects of society.

"used to dream about being on stages receiving the wages and leaving the place ah was raised in when ah was ah teenager ah felt caged in..." - Just B, ‘You Make Me Feel So Good

Halloween’ – DJ Dee.M’sEternal’ is an electronic hard trance mix that is also known from the title Jog 555 – ‘Halloween’. The positive reception in which this explosive track received from release in 2018 spurred Just B and 40 on ever more to get down to business and innovate more favourites from Makina to Grime.

"It's time ah went back to the start number 23 ah was back in me mars up at night no sleep ah was practising bars..." - Just B, ‘Halloween

There has always been a clear vision of what concept would spearhead the project, but with nothing confirmed for the name of the EP when speaking to CUSH:UK towards the back end of November, intentional or not, it is evident that in 2018 Just B perhaps already had a strong idea as he mentions the title in the first bar of ‘Halloween’. The meanings run through to the core and his drive to succeed is epitomised in this lyric alone.

Music is one of the main influential factors that has helped him to evolve. From aspiring to follow in similar pathways as those he would listen to, he has flourished into that pioneering character throughout his journey setting an example for upcoming artists, family members, friends and fans to all take belief and inspiration from. With exceptional pride, Just B reps for the regional culture he immersed himself within as a kid as it influences on to present day.

Support and absorb the dynamic qualities of Just B’s work!

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