Britizen Kane x Royce da 5’9” – Locked & Loaded

Britizen Kane has teamed up with the illustrious Royce da 5’9’’ to deliver his first track of 2021 entitled ‘Locked & Loaded’.

Combining with the production and engineering of Turkish Dcypha once again on the back of his eponymous debut album ‘Britizen Kane’; BK and Nickle fuse the British and American Hip-Hop sounds together perfectly – complementing one another’s flow atop of the vibrant instrumental.

Swift wordplay within the lyrical content of both artists illustrate the grit, focus and determination required to blossom in any activity.

"I live life lifeless I'm young till I'm done, my mid-life crisis to be when I'm a hundred and one, my lifes an accident my mic is a gun, my daughter and my sons life is like a hit n run..." - Royce da 5’9’, Locked & Loaded

Royce da 5’9’’ embeds the concept of a lifestyle flourishing in a youthful manner for eternity shaped by individual experiences. To not be dwelling on problems, but to surpass any difficulties in order to fulfil your goals. Recollect your thoughts but do not allow any negativity to prevail to crisis. Figuratively stating, his mic is a gun as he fires his shots in the form of relentless lyrics, speaking his mind and addressing situations via the escapism and passion of music. How can you incorporate the same drive into your routine?

"Locked and Loaded got the focus one shot never miss, they wanna go it's not their moment run and tell em this, no days off here - we been doing night shifts, no days off here - all of this is light shit!" - Britizen Kane, Locked & Loaded

Kane’s hook reiterates and epitomises exactly what Royce da 5’9’’ expresses in his verse as it conveys those traits of grit, focus and determination. Those of which ultimately spur on the personal motivation of the Mancunian to succeed whilst the aura also aligns with each listener to take into their stride too, the whole ethos of the joint.

Having already collaborated with the likes of: Kevin Gates, Jadakiss, Dave East, Shogun and the late Fred The Godson – you can expect Britizen Kane to continuously raise the bar and build on his outstanding craft to date! Listen and support below!

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