Aaron AK – Interview Recap

DOI: 21/01/2021

Prod Rage and fungiFerg welcomed Aaron AK to speak upon his personal journey in alignment with the music he creates, as well as touching on his latest track ‘Dilbar’ and an upcoming debut EP.

Credits Dan Williams

Insights revolving Aaron AK’s transition from London to Birmingham:

Aaron AK: “I was born and bred in East London, I moved to Birmingham I would say when I was like ten years old/eleven years old. My father split with my mum, most of my mum’s family lived up in Birmingham so that’s where it all kinda took a part, we all moved up here with my mum of course as you do *laughs* most people you know when their parents split up they go with their mum – ones that leave and stuff. So yeah man, that took place and it was like a new life basically up here, I had never been to Birmingham as a young kid so coming up here, starting fresh, leaving all my friends, school, and everything behind, all my memories basically, you know, starting fresh, from scratch again. But yeah man, I class Birmingham as my home, it’s made my grow up as an adult.”

fungiFerg: “How long have you been creating music for?”

Aaron AK: “I’m 27 now, since I was in high-school, like year nine/ten, but it’s always been just a mess around, it’s always been something to do cos I like to do it, but only in the last 12 months or so, this time last year, was when I started more serious. That’s when I released my first one on P110 so that’s when I had the conversation with my producer, his name is WZDM, so big up WZDM, he does all my engineering, we had a conversation with each other and he said to me, people have always said to me that I’ve got the talent, but I just need to use it. I’ve kinda fell back in love with music, a few years ago I was not participating in music at all, I didn’t see the point in it and I feel like if you’re not fully involved or committed to something then there’s no point.”

Prod Rage: “What has inspired you to take that more seriously?”

Aaron AK: “Just personally in life, I’m in a good place in life, with my family, with work, you have to kinda grow up and learn lessons, you know, you might have to get over a relationship or someone that’s passed away in your family, anything like that. So all these things have happened in my life and I feel like in this right moment of time, it’s kinda elevated me.”

“I’ve always thought to myself and it’s just a quote in life, ‘you need to want to do something for yourself’ – it’s no good having Tom, Dick and Harry saying do this, do that. You need to want to do it for yourself first and foremost and I think that’s where it’s come about, just surrounding yourself with good, positive people.” – Aaron AK

Discussions upon forthcoming work:

Aaron AK: “I’m currently looking on working, well it’s already pretty much done, I just need to think of a release date for my debut EP. So I’ve got an EP coming out, it’s gonna have six songs on there. I’ve been doing a lot of singles and videos and stuff but I thought to myself towards the end of last year that I need to do a project, just like an EP or album, six or five songs where people can go ‘look, here you go guys, this is for you guys…’ – I don’t care about money or nothing like that, I’ll put it out for free, I don’t mind.”

Aaron told us that he expects to release his body of work in either March or April which will be entitled ‘The Level Up EP’ – to be accompanied with fresh visuals for a track featuring on the project: “I’ve already done a video, around the end of last year, December time, for one of the songs called ‘The Weekend’ – I’ve got it edited, it’s all on my computer ready to go.”

fungiFerg: “How has the lockdown been for yourself?”

Aaron AK: “Don’t get me wrong I miss little things you know what I mean like seeing friends, family, going to the pub – having a few pints and that – watching the football with the lads.

“What happened was, I was actually connecting with a lot of artists, there’s a sweet shop, like an American shop where I live called The Joint and they were hosting DJ sets and I met Sox there. For me, I’ve always watched Sox and stuff you know because when I first started music it has been with Grime and I’ve looked up, I’ve always watched them as a younger in school and stuff. To meet him and that, then I met up with Syco, he was part of SHM, and a few other artists as well man, there was like a clothing brand going on and a lot of movement going on. I was linking up and meeting new people that I’ve never met before, putting a face to them and then obviously lockdown hit.

“I think personally it’s been a benefit for me in a weird way, I’ve got a lot more time to focus on music and actually just think about what I wanna do after lockdown you know what I mean. You get so caught up in doing what you’re doing if you’re working a nine to five et cetera, life can just patch it by, but when you’re inside all the time (there is more time to reflect). But for me, personally, it’s got me a bit more organised, it’s got me networking massively, I’ve never spoken to so many radio presenters, DJs, artists, it’s been like a plus for me.”

fungiFerg: “Are you open to collaborations and working with new artists?”

Aaron AK: “Yeah definitely man, that’s actually one of my goals for this year, to obviously put out a project but then after that I wanna work on collabs. So yeah man as long as we can both bounce off each other (I don’t see why not). My dm’s are always open man so if anyone wants to shout me just feel free.”

An outlook on his latest track ‘Dilbar’:

Aaron AK: “It’s a Desi sampled track, obviously I’m Sikh Indian so all my family and from when I started doing music, everyone in the family, friends, have always said to me, you know: ‘are you not going to do an Indian tune or a Desi sampled tune?’ – cos that’s what they wanna hear me on. Primarily, I don’t listen to Bhangra/Asian music myself, as funny as it sounds, I’ll listen to it but I don’t have it in my playlists. I was just thinking to myself – ‘I need to do a Desi tune’ – cos everyone’s asking for it so it’s only right and it’s just blown-up man to be fair.”

The track has received reputable feedback whilst being spun on multiple radio stations including BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Asian Network, Aaron continued: “I think it’s a sound that people appreciate cos they’ve not heard my sound on that kinda sound together, so the two work in a way.”

For more detail please playback the interview via our YouTube channel or in the link below. Massive thanks and appreciation to Aaron AK for taking the time to share his insights, experiences, and future plans with us. Make sure to support him through the social icons beneath!

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