Tzusan – Preview

This Thursday evening Prod Rage and fungiFerg will link up with Tzusan on the line to delve into the inspirations and concepts that run throughout the music he creates in alignment to discussing his forthcoming album, ‘Fizzy Milk’, set to be released on February 28, 2021.

Credits – Danny Crofts

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Tzusan is the co-founder of SKOOP Records which is ‘an Edinburgh based collective focused around Experimental Hip-Hop and Electronic music in all shapes and sizes’. He prominently constructs and engineers his own music within the genres of Rap and Hip-Hop, however, elements such as raw supporting sounds, gritty lyrical content, as well as a relaxed individualistic flow all defy the conventional attributes that usually feature in each style.

Tzusan recently collaborated with Rick Fury providing a verse on the track ‘King Shit’ alongside Deej which stars on Rick’s latest album ‘Return of the King’. Another fresh piece from the innovative Scottish artist came in the form of a Far North Freestyle upon Twelve 50 TV. He perfectly executed his bars in a slick and smooth manner atop of a Jazz influenced Hip-Hop instrumental – quite a contrast to the aura and delivery of his first solo album ‘Babau’ which explored a dark and eerie path. A real portrayal of the versatility he can showcase, truly unique.

Listen to Tzusan’s music via iTunes here

Tzusan | Linktree

Tune in: Cush:UK – LIVE – Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun 7pm UK | Spreaker

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