DeVaré – Interview Recap

DOI: 04/02/2021

DeVaré speaks on his overall journey, the authentic essence of Jamaica, the importance of receiving an education, and much more revolving his craft.

DeVaré explained to Prod Rage and each listener that he started taking music seriously back in 2004 and by 2006 he was certain that he could carve an honourable career from his passion. A bloodline talent which has continuously transferred to each generation of his family, DeVaré was encouraged to sing in his local church choir as a youngster and now he mentors and nurtures his daughter’s development in a very similar fashion to the familial help he received.

The main base of his music and orientations with loved ones is in his homeland of Jamaica, but when he was younger, he had the opportunity to move to the USA with his grandparents where he spent multiple years evolving.

It just did not compare to home for DeVaré: “I wanted to be home, I wanted to have a real deep root connection. Home is where the heart is.”

This natural feeling is one of huge significance when he gets down to creating his work: “So what happens is musically, I dedicate myself to music strictly only in Jamaica. I don’t do music any place else. You will not see me behind a microphone in any other place except Jamaica.”

DeVaré added: “You get that authentic Reggae feel and that authentic Reggae sound only from Jamaica, you will never get it from any place else.”

However, DeVaré made reason for the sub-genre of Rocksteady, which was born in London, a style in which he prominently utilises his qualities within alongside Lovers Rock.

Prod Rage posed a question articulating as to whether DeVaré’s music contains strong personal reflection whilst linking romance to being a notable key component of his lyrical content, his response was quite the opposite: “What happens with me, I get inspired, I have a gift that I interpret what I see and what I hear with a different thing. It’s almost like I interject myself into the situation, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a personal situation.” DeVaré’s tracks are constructed from observations, differing perceptions and his own feelings on the topical focus but they rarely circulate everyday occurrences of his own: “First of all because I’ve experienced it, I saw it, or heard it, or felt it on some level, but generally speaking in my songs I never talk about myself.”

DeVaré told Prod Rage that he feels as though he has a moral obligation to guide the younger generations forward and the best way of doing so is by expressing the importance of obtaining an education: “Focus on getting an education, get an education first. When you have your education, then you can dictate how your business will run.” Many experience difficulties when trying to make a living because they have no foundation to build from, DeVaré outlined that studies are integral for not just a backup plan, but to flourish in your preferred role. Being in the position to be able to offer advice to the youth of today fulfils himself with great pride.

For more on alternative subject matters and a couple live renditions of forthcoming tracks, listen below!

DeVaré Music – Where Conscious Music Lives! (

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