RagoLoco – Preview

Credits - LukeTwoSvn

This forthcoming Thursday, Prod Rage and fungiFerg will host RagoLoco to gain further understanding and insights into what drives his craft and the messages he embeds within, in alignment to discussing previous work and what we can expect from the Manchester Grime artist in the future.

Credits – Faro

RagoLoco has established a reputed status having showcased his talent on multiple platforms such as Link Up TV, Pie Radio, Box N Lock MCR, Risky Roadz and JDZ Media. He also represented Manchester in the Red Bull Music 2017 Grime-A-Side clashes. Upon these differing platforms, RagoLoco has featured alongside the likes of Fiasco, Slay, P1 Caps, Kay Rico and Aitch – to just name a few.

The bar – “I spit the realist lyrics at a hundred n forty beats per minute…” from ‘Look Around You’ ultimately epitomises what RagoLoco is all about. He prominently delivers his lyrical content in a conversational tone via slick, individualistic flows, which consist of intricate wordplay and poignant meaning revolving raw truth from first-hand experiences – exactly what his latest track ‘Kriss Kross’ represents.

Listen to RagoLoco’s music via iTunes here

Tune in: ▶ Cush:UK – LIVE – Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun 7pm UK | Spreaker

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