Shogun x Britizen Kane – Borealis

Borealis’ is the first single unveiled from the forthcoming collaborative EP by Shogun and Britizen Kane entitled ‘ShoKane’.

Shogun and Britizen Kane unleash a flurry of hard-hitting bars to complement the production and engineering of Turkish Dcypha. Only as recently as last month, Britizen Kane and Turkish Dcypha combined with Detroit Rap legend, Royce da 5’9’’, to deliver their first track of the year, ‘Locked & Loaded’. But now this thriving trio fuse once again having previously linked up on the joint ‘Cheat Code’ which stars on the ‘Britizen Kane’ album fully produced by Turkish Dcypha.

Aurora Borealis is also known as the Northern Lights, a unique natural phenomenon illuminating distinct areas of the north skies leaving onlookers amazed. Both artists symbolise and implement this in their own right by showcasing their flair, but not just appealing to listeners in the north of the UK, they impress and resonate with differing demographics throughout each home nation and further overseas!

Shogun utilises his undisputed flow and tactically sound wordplay qualities to address his reflective thoughts in a fiery manner – definitively stating that he is the voice of the north. Britizen Kane articulates his focus upon anecdotes of his journey whilst adroitly embedding Mancunian figures and features into his lyricism, ultimately reppin’ for his region in alignment to conveying the concept of the track.

Listen and support below!

‘Borealis’ on all streaming platforms

Shogun | Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : YouTube

Britizen Kane | Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : YouTube

Turkish Dcypha | Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : YouTube

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