fungiFerg ft. Mayday – Don’t Bother Me

fungiFerg has linked up with Birmingham’s Mayday to construct the righteous joint ‘Don’t Bother Me’ in collaboration with the production and engineering of $.O.N.N.Y.

Time and time again, fungiFerg impresses listeners with an engaging hook and the breakdown to this track follows on the exact same path. It reiterates that vast amounts of people focus upon the development of others by figuratively symbolising these individuals looking through the outside of a window at those flourishing on the inside rather than carving their own strides.

Amongst emphatic lyricism and adept wordplay throughout the three verses, there is a significant focus articulating the movements that each artist is consistently building as they cement their legacy on true important values compared to materialistic traits and trends which a large proportion of those onlookers have been engulfed by.

It doesn’t bother fungiFerg, Mayday or $.O.N.N.Y, they have formed their own evolutionary lane within the craft that they create and nothing will stop them from continuously levelling up.

Take in ‘Don’t Bother Me’ on all streaming platforms and support below!

fungiFerg |Twitter : Instagram : YouTube : Soundcloud : Spotify : Bandcamp : iTunes

Mayday |Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : YouTube : Soundcloud : Spotify : Bandcamp : iTunes : Website

$.O.N.N.Y |Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Soundcloud : Spotify : Bandcamp

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