Katastrophe – Preview

Our ‘RRR’ host Danny Riley will welcome Katastrophe this Saturday evening to discover the insights into what motivates his work, the messages he aims to convey throughout, what we can expect from himself in the near future and much more articulating.

UK Rap and Hip-Hop artist Katastrophe is a part of the independent music label Battle Funk Records and he is quickly gaining reputable recognition for his resonating portrayal of personal life affairs upon the mic.

With a significant focus revolving self reflection and expression of pain in his music, Katastrophe flows effortlessly atop of a range of varying instrumentals as he delivers figurative bars and an intricate play on words. This epitomises the foundations of his debut album ‘Talking to Myself’ which he dropped in October of last year.

Buy and stream Katastrophe’s latest album ‘Talking to Myselfhere

Tune in: Cush:UK – LIVE – Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun 7pm UK | Spreaker

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