Baked Goods x Wowski – Grateful

Taken from their forthcoming project ‘The Jerk Flavour EP’, Baked Goods have released their first official single entitled “Grateful” featuring Jamaican Reggae maestro, Wowski.

Grateful” is appreciating, showing gratitude and spreading love. 

All of which are ingredients needed in our world to help promote motivation and inspiration for one another to succeed, however, this mutual respect is lacked by a large proportion.

This is the message Baked Goods and Wowski aim to portray and spearhead throughout the track and in many other pieces of their work. Make the most of each opportunity that comes your way and be thankful. 

Grateful” visuals filmed and edited by Wowski Photography

Baked Goods | Instagram : Spotify : YouTube : iTunes : Ditto

Wowski | Instagram : Facebook : Spotify : YouTube : Soundcloud : Audiomack : Amazon Music : TikTok : iTunes

Tearaway Records | Instagram : Facebook : Mailing List

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