fungiFerg ft. Grim Sickers & Baked Goods – Marcus

fungiFergBaked Goods and Grim Sickers have all collaborated to convey their appreciation for Marcus Rashford’s hard work within society as a leading figure for change on issues such as equality, inclusivity, and racial injustice.

fungiFerg said: “The feature came about after Sickers had let on that he’d heard my music and thought that it was ‘hard’ so I joked on about a Sickers feature one day and he said let’s do it now.

“As soon as I knew we were gonna be working together I had Baked Goods in mind for production so I’m gassed it all came together nicely.

“I’ve been sitting on this one for a short while now so it has been hard keeping it under wraps but I can’t wait for you all to hear it. Big ups to Grim Sickers the goat every time!”

Back in October of 2020, Sickers explained in an interview with CUSH:UK that during the lockdown he had been prioritising assisting upcoming artists with advice and featured verses: “I wanna help build up other cities around the country – trying to be like Marcus Rashford…” – a driving force in giving back to the people.  

With the European Championships just around the corner, and Rashford set to play an integral role for England on and off the pitch – it is only right for it to be released right from the onset!

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