Mitchos Da Menace – Preview

Our ‘RRR’ host Danny Riley will be connecting with Australian rapper Mitchos Da Menace this coming week to gain plentiful insights into his craft.

Hailing from Doonside in Western Sydney, Australia, Mitchos Da Menace creates hard-hitting music throughout the genres of Hip-Hop, Rap, Grime and Drill. The independent artist injects pure energy into each riddim he flawlessly flows atop of as he utilises his lyrical prowess to portray real-life, personal content.

Having collaborated with the likes of Huskii, ChillinIt and Fraksha, as well as releasing numerous bodies of work including albums ‘Silence’ and ‘Pray For Them’, Menace has established a very respectable following off the back of his own qualities and continues to develop with great intensity and integrity.

Check out Mitchos Da Menace’s latest track “Battles” featuring Ray Pelka above

Listen to Mitchos Da Menace’s music via iTunes here

Tune in: Cush:UK – LIVE – Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun 7pm UK | Spreaker

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