Dane Hype – Interview Recap

DOI: 03/06/2021

Prod Rage and fungiFerg linked up on the line with Dane Hype last month to discuss all things revolving his music, society and other professional ventures.

To begin, the charismatic recording artiste from Montego Bay, Jamaica, gave us a brief rundown of himself. Not only does he create beautiful riddims, he also acts, models and entertains, all of which stem from his love of music that was definitively realised around his early teenage years.

Having watched the likes of Shaggy, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man all perform live and seeing the reaction they receive first-hand, he transferred those experiences into motivation and inspiration alongside a deep rooting connection that led himself to thriving off the energy of a live crowd: “I love the crowd, I seen the crowd go wild for these guys!”

Upon the topic of live events, Dane Hype told us that he has performed overseas in brilliant destinations such New York, Miami, Atlanta and Georgia, but nothing compares to the vibrancy of a Jamaican crowd!

When conversing on Hype’s ambassador roles and modelling ventures with American brands, he explained that you need to have more than one avenue of work to keep on top of your game and be successful. This all comes down to consistency, desire, and the effort that you ultimately input: “It’s all about consistency in Dancehall and Reggae music, always putting in the work, and as I said, I’m not just a recording artiste, I’m also a model, a brand ambassador, an actor, humanitarian, we’re putting in the work!”

fungiFerg: “Did it all start with music?”

Dane Hype: “It’s a musical transition, everything is coming from the music because I love music, I grew up loving music, I am music, music is me.”

Reverting back to how a crowd reacts to riddims being performed live, Prod Rage asked if the reception and sound is at the forefront of his mind when he constructs his craft, Hype responded: “Not really yuh know because anything that Dane Hype creates, yuh know, when performing it, it always gets a good reception. Anything that I create it’s for the people. My music is like a balanced diet, a little bit of everything. So when I’m going to a state show I’m catering for everybody – not just one set of people.”

Hype expresses himself by providing positive and uplifting messages within his tracks: “I’m really the type of artist who loves to create happy music.”

In addition to the joyous vibes, he delves into the reality of what is ignored by many in society, the hardships of those which struggle to be heard, Hype prides himself on being a leading voice for those people: “A lot of people are sitting in their high society, they won’t know what is happening in the ghettos, they don’t understand it. They’ve never stepped foot in a day of the lives of ghetto people so they don’t understand it. We have to be the voices of the people, the voices of the ghetto.”

Listen to Dane Hype’s music via iTunes and ReverbNation

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