fungiFerg – TEES SOUND VOL.1

As stated on the Bandcamp details: introductory, the first instalment of a genre birthed in Teesside, North East of England, UK. A grimy tempo, it’s gritty, it’s dripping in bass, it’s the TEES SOUND! Produced, mixed and mastered by Prod Rage providing all the justice through the instrumental alongside the lyrics written and performed by fungiFerg. This is the second release from Ferg this year after ‘Send the Rockets’ in February which was also engineered by Prod Rage with the instrumental coming from DJ Turtz. It is the first in which is published under the new label of Tearaway Records.

TEES SOUND is the unique manner and genre in which fungiFerg delivers these lyrics, the special distinctive sounds that sets himself and everyone involved aside from others who try to reciprocate a style that is spearheaded by artists with a name for themselves already. His own original and authentic vibes.

more then competent I never let the team down, over confident I’m bringing in the TEES SOUND’ – Each hook reiterates that he will not let the team down. fungiFerg is assuring that he is capable and proficient of what he does. Assertive that he is sculping his way forward within independent and collaborative work, supplying riddims you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

so I’m making moves I hope you do too’ – Reverting back to the message within the hook, Ferg is being proactive to make the most of poor predicaments which have and continue to occur each day stemming from how systems are ran. Don’t sit and watch what people are doing, no matter what the circumstances are, get up and put the effort in to make something happen for yourself.

gotta hold it down for the UK yutes, cos they hold it down in a system fucked and fluked and set to fail em, minimum sterling is what they pay em’ – Pursuing to pave a way and set an example for those neglected within society. Holding it down and hoping many others follow himself in doing the same to alter how situations are managed, to change the quality of life for those who face difficult placements from divisions made by the government and hierarchal figures failing on a daily basis. Many work outstandingly hard and aren’t paid a fair wage compared to some that don’t do half as much for the benefit of the population or are a part of the system failing. He is addressing a select amount of people in prominent positions which aren’t deserved.

Providing knowledge, awareness and support through his music to resonate with. It is a track in which you can reflect upon what is mentioned whilst relaxing, one you can vibe to on many different levels, motivating yourself whilst completing an activity, it is diverse.

Artwork by Mark Stacey (@ms_creative_works Instagram)

Click on the Bandcamp link to listen to the track and structure your own interpretations/opinions. Follow the journey and movements of fungiFerg through the other links, stream his music, help to support independent artists.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Eyeconic – Interview Recap

The latter phone-in came from Eyeconic who was joined by Jack Craggs and he too answered a few questions in alignment to playing a large role in creating tracks together and on his solo music. A semantic of subjects are covered within the time, they touch on ‘DNR’ (Do Not Resuscitate), where would be the ideal venue for performing once lockdown measures are lifted and new music in the works.

Shakk: Jack plays a big part in Eyeconic’s new album which has been absolutely massive, it has put him leaps and bounds ahead of everyone in the scene right now especially with the work he’s put in. Jack produced ‘Ninety Six’ and sang a few choruses.

Process of ‘Ninety Six’:

Jack Craggs: “The process was we recorded the cover of ‘Sleep’ which Sam wrote two/three years ago and then he said ‘I need an intro to my album’ and I just played some chords first take on the piano then we went upstairs and laid it down pretty much, we chopped up the piano and within thirty minutes ‘Ninety Six’ was born. He was spitting bars over it while I was creating it, it was such a fluid process.”

Shakk: When can we expect any new music from you, any solo stuff you’ve got planned?

Jack Craggs: “Yeah absolutely, I have a project that I’m working on currently, vocals are about half way done so I’m hoping to get those done in the next two weeks. I’m going to release a few singles first then drop this project which is about victim mentality and touches on a few bits about depression, anxiety, mental health. Eventually going through the processes pretty much and by the end escaping it, it’s called ‘The Escape Artist’.”

Jack Craggs

Prod Rage: What’s been going on then? For those that don’t know you, introduce yourself:

Eyeconic: “Literally just still running hard on the album and setting up plans for releases for next year. I go by the name of Eyeconic, I am a Polish born artist that lives in the UK, English is my second language, and yeah I like to write raps, I usually just delve deep into human psyche and the majority of my music is a very introspective look into who I am as a human being.”

Shakk: How did you get into the rap music, what got you into it first, was their any artists that had drawn you into hip-hop in particular?

Eyeconic: “When I moved to England, my brothers used to listen to hip-hop all the time anyway but I wasn’t really into hip-hop back in Poland. When we came over to England that’s when I spent a lot of time with them playing PES and listening to old school Polish hip-hop and then eventually a friend of mine in school Meran, he showed me the likes of 50 Cent, Tupac, and then onto secondary school that’s when I started looking for hip-hop myself. One of the first artists that actually made me want to write, something that not many people actually know, is Akon. ‘Konvicted’ album and another I think I forgot the name of it but ‘The Rain’ – that song was just beautiful, it made me wanna express myself and the things I was dealing with.”

Shakk: What do you think drew you into the more introspective side of making music?

Eyeconic: “I think it’s the therapeutic side of music and the main reason I actually started writing it was to process the things I was dealing with and I learn much more about myself. I manage to articulate myself a lot better on paper than I do through words, sometimes it’s difficult for me to sit down and explain how I’m feeling but when you put me in front of an instrumental and a piece of paper it just flows so much better.”

Shakk: From an early age you were very complexed and at a very high level. Where you are now, how do you feel about it in terms of your skill level?

Eyeconic: “I’m not sure if lyrically I care about, I love the lyrical side of things but it’s not my main focus any more, so when I step on mic, I’m not really trying to out bar everyone because the content I have, I have so much faith in what I’ve got to say, so I know that what I am saying pushes the message forward enough. But I can’t help but write multi syllables and stuff because that’s just the way my brains wired now. You mentioned that ‘Ninety Six’ is one of your favourite tunes from the album, for me, a lot of the complexed rhyme schemes on there wasn’t actually intentional it was because it was coming out that way.”

Shakk: What was the basis on DNR, what inspired you to create this album?

Eyeconic: “It was very exponential the process of it because I’ve got a folder on my computer where I put all the music that I’m not intending to release, that’s where I put all this music, into one folder called release this if I die’ and one day me and my friend Bobby who also goes by the name of No1self, he sat down with me, we listened to the music and he told me it would be a shame if I never actually got to release any of this. He was the one that suggested that I make a conceptional album that’s based around the ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ kinda esque idea.”

Shakk: On the album itself, what are the tracks that stand out for you?

Eyeconic: “‘Ninety Six’, ‘Friends’ featuring Notebook, ‘Could Be Worse’ I think that’s one of my best verses I’ve ever wrote, ‘No Paigons at My Funeral’ (featuring Jack Craggs) and ‘We’re Moving’.”

Shakk: Are you looking forward to perform again once things get up and running?

Eyeconic: “That’s what I’m thinking about all the time. I get this weird feeling, I actually had a nightmare about this, so when lockdown came about I had an anxiety that maybe by the time things open back up, I won’t be able to perform the way that I used too. So I had this weird nightmare where I got booked for a festival and I just froze up and I didn’t know what to do, it was just a dead performance, I didn’t get no reaction from the crowd, I hadn’t had no back and forth with the crowd the way I usually do and I woke up sweating. My anxieties just manifested in my dreams.”

Shakk: What would be the ideal town or city you would like to perform in first in the North East?

Eyeconic: “This is a long shot but O2 in Newcastle, I know it’s a long shot and a half right now because there’s nothing really happening but that would be the one. Even World Headquarters Newcastle, just a dirty drum and bass rave or GAST!”

Shakk: Are you planning on doing any new music, have you got anything in the pipeline?

Eyeconic: “I’ve got plans for music videos but I wont actually be dropping anything new apart from collaborations until about February next year I think. Try and take it steady and try and make up the time lost in 2020. There’s a tune coming out that’s pretty much finished, me, Shakk, NE-O and Wax on a big riddim. I’ve got a tune with Jack Fox that’s meant to be dropping, a tune with Leddie (MC), some interesting collaborations I need to finish with yourself and Jack.”

Just about every topic and question is recited, there is a little on popular tracks of others from the album and a couple comments on playing out with the track ‘No Paigens at My Funeral’ which alongside the full interview is very much worth listening to as full expression is always difficult to infer through a write up. Check that out just beneath, another excellent conversation, enjoy!

Credits @bladesproductions on the image shots

Many thanks to Shakk, Eyeconic and Jack Craggs for getting involved it is greatly appreciated, blessings to all!


The second issue of our weekly playlists sees another diverse range of tracks exploring a vast amount of genres once again. The likes of Bassline and Jungle from DJ Turtz to Rap, Grime and Reggae in Prod Rage’s Thursday live podcast, the ‘RRR’ show of Danny Riley and Smooth Jezza as well as DJ V8’s Reggae riddims throughout the week.

A few Grime and Jungle tracks from DJ Turtz with Bugzy Malone and Grim SickersBassboy Remix’. We have tracks by Dizzie Rascal, Dee Dave and Mac Miller which were played on the ‘RRR’ show, Ghetts featuring Jaykae and Moonchild Sanelly as well as Eyeconic featuring Shakk from Prod Rage. One of Koffee’s latest releases and Grynd alongside Busha Mark out of DJ V8’s shows.

Twin II – Interview Recap

Thursday nights first interview was Twin II speaking with Prod Rage and Shakk on numerous subjects such as his background, how he has been coping over the lockdown period and being one of very few in the Skipton area that is producing Rap/Hip-Hop music.

Shakk: How did you get into it, what made you start rapping, what started that creative process?

“I come from a farm, I’m a farmers son and what kind of got me into it is Eminem. I never really listened to music and my sister used to just get the MP3 player and put random songs on, she put on the ‘Recovery’ album, I just listened to that and found it really cool so I started developing it over time practicing rap and onto hip-hop listening to Eminem, Hopsin, Logic, Kendrick (Lamar), J.Cole as well. All those guys, the lyrical rappers. I just find it interesting making stories with words.”

Shakk: Are you making your own beats as well?

“Yeah I’m making my own beats and I’m gonna start making my own videos soon. I’ve got camera equipment and stuff like that so I just get my mates to help me film it and stuff. I just find it easier doing that – I’ve been to two studios and I’ve just found it uncomfortable and a time pressure for someone else so I like doing it my own time.”

Shakk: How have you been coping through the lockdown, how has it impacted you?

“Being really kind of creative, there’s weeks or days where I was taking breaks or I felt a bit down because it didn’t help with mental health and stuff like that being locked inside all the time but I literally just went on walks and stuff and kept busy. The next phase with the music I’m trying to plan out next years songs, I’ve got quite a few recorded and I’m trying to release three EP’s next year so I’ve been working on them.”

Shakk: Have you released a full project yet or is this going to be your first when you get onto it?

“I did the ‘Mr.Winterburn’ EP and the ‘Twin Who’ EP but that was off other people beats. With the next one I’m gonna make it like a big project but split it up into three EP’s so it’s like a trilogy. A big storyline and I’m gonna get it so all the videos connect up to each other so it tells the story through the three EP’s. At the end of the day I just feel like hip-hop is story telling, you can go to some good places and dark places, say what you mean and addressing things that go on around you. I’ve written a song recently called ‘The Incident’ just talking about that, I just love how you can speak through songs.”

Shakk: What’s the scene like where your from, is there any other rappers are you collaborating with anyone?

“There’s no other rappers really, there’s a few musicians, bands. So I think I’m kinda peddling the rap scene over in Skipton at the moment, yeah for a farm boy it’s a pretty weird lifestyle.”

Shakk: Have you performed live yet or are you planning to do so with your new music?

“I’ve performed live, I’ve been down Preston, Manchester I did a bit down there, Leeds, it’s all been open minded. Next year when we get the live shows back I’ve got one, I’ve got a beat pad and what I’m doing is playing the beat on the spot and rapping so I’m trying to get that focused for next year. I’ve done some pretty weird ones.”

Shakk: What is the transition on stage and the reasoning to your name?

“I see Twin II as another character, a better story teller than me in a way. It’s like the impulse reaction I feel, when I get on stage its literally just like an impulse I switch into it. The name also originated from my hospital folder because I am twin. I went to a hospital to get a check up and the nurse was signing me in on the desk and she was looking for my name and she goes ‘ah is it Robert twin two Winterburn’ and I was like ‘yes but no but yes and I’m taking that’ so that’s how the name Twin II came about.”

Prod Rage: So where can people find your music then?

“You can find it on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook you can find me on those places too.”

Listen to the audio for the story on the weirdest gig he has performed at as well as a few more topics in an overall great interview!

Tearaway Records

Tearaway Records is now live! The independent record label is for all artists/DJ’s/producers involved within CUSH:UK being Prod Rage, DJ Turtz, fungiFerg as well as Smooth Jezza and R2T2 who will be releasing numerous bodies of work within. The artists run the label.

fungiFerg has the opening release which will drop officially tomorrow on Bandcamp with ‘TEES SOUND VOL 1’ his first track of 2020.

Covering every genre which is played on each CUSH:UK Takeover Show via TS1 REGGAE RADIO we aim to supply for everyone’s listening needs so make sure to look out for the latest releases under the new additional project.

Drop us a follow on Facebook and Instagram, keep an eye out for the new website page which will be added soon providing more information.

‘RRR’ – Preview

Danny Riley and Smooth Jezza unite tomorrow to bring you more Rap, Reggae and Riddims! Kicking off the show will be the Reggae segment including the latest release from Chronixx ‘COOL AS THE BREEZE/FRIDAY’. There will be a slight switch up following this but it will prove to be a swift idea with a Garage to Grime evolution featuring the likes of Dizzie Rascal and many more which will not be one to miss!

In the last part of the live podcast, going global once again with vibes reigning in from USA, Canada and Australia where the track ‘Adrenaline’ by Wombat and Devlin will be spun. Tune in at 7:00pm through the link below!

Adjust Your Brightness

Brand new Reggae collaboration from rising UK artist Gleem featuring Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine – former lead singer of The Wailers 1998 – 2006 and Christian Cowlin – producer/sound engineer of The Wailers, a veteran with over 20 years experience travelling with the band. The track was mastered by Tim Charlton whilst being assigned to labels JahDax Publishing Inc. and 1Ness.

Adjust Your Brightness – the title of the track immediately conveys a clear message to all. Depending on how it is deciphered the main statements regard to adapting strategies and adjusting to situations. Referencing past and current difficulties, there is a real conscious portrayal within the lyrics whilst a fresh up-beat instrumental is conducted. Opening your eyes to what is occurring in day to day happenings, you can learn whilst enjoying the vibes.

political pirates can’t even follow their own guidance’ – This bar from the hook refers hierarchal figures stating rules for the population to follow but can’t follow the same ruling themselves. Creating further divisions between people and therefore rebellion amongst.

‘financial giants buy up an alliance’ – Can be related to a plethora of situations differing to context, however, it all boils down to those that possess the greatest affluence. Without naming specific examples, nations considered to be superpowers usually create alliances within their own statuses, they then go onto exploit developing or low economically developed nations to profit from as these will not receive any other income from elsewhere, a theory aligned to this is ‘Frank’s Dependency’. It is the same in terms of separate individuals within one nation or area taking advantage of others, disparity and inequalities.

tyrants for hire privately acquire’ – A so called leader oppressing cruelty and excessive force linking to the quoted lyrics above. Perhaps there is so many of them that they can be hired out to the so called ‘financial giants’ to take control at different stages being acquired privately with large sums of capital. As mentioned, it can link to vast amounts of situations such as slavery, dictatorships, where freedom of speech is no longer, those taking the top seats making those decisions.

we got conquer them all, we’ve got to trample them down, ah wicked man must fall, run them out of the town’ – Those with the correct mindset that are suffering due to these oppressors need to conquer through the challenges and stamp down those at the forefront of issuing them. Strive through as best as possible, unite together and provide our own outcomes. As we rise up, the wicked will fall.

who do we thank for queues at the food bank? I don’t know!’ – A repetitive conversational tone is held here with Gleem asking the questions then having the lyrical response from Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine. Many would argue that no one would have to queue at foodbanks if it wasn’t due to how systems are ran. People are prioritised and others are left with no support. There are adjacent predicaments to which different groups may be at a disadvantage but it can stem from those that are deemed to have the ‘most power’. A concluding message I can personally link this to is what is echoed in Bob Marley’s and The Wailers Get Up, Stand Up’. Defend each other and consider many perspectives as to why a certain action is taken, make this your ethos.

For me it is the complete track. These are my own interpretations and outsets based on my knowledge and understanding as well as how I think the artists have processed their thoughts. Create your own opinions and feedback to it in the comment section of the video and preview or this review post.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Show love and support to all the music created by artists Gleem, Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine, Christian Cowlin on production and everyone involved. Many thanks for reaching out, it is an absolute pleasure to help and spread the poignant messages and movement the track signifies, for tuning in and the continued music Gleem and Christain Cowlin have sent over for us to spin on our shows, it is hugely appreciated!


Gary ‘Nesta’ Pine

Christian Cowlin

Adjust Your Brightness

Preview – Shakk / Twin II / Eyeconic

Prod Rage has a blockbuster of a show in store for tomorrow evening co-hosted with special guest Shakk.

Shakk is an established artist from the Teesside area who has held connections within the organisation for years, performing at a number of events – check the ‘Music Reviews’ page for a little more on himself and information focusing on his latest release ‘Toxic Rick’. There will be a mixture of new bangers from the Reggae segment as well as UK Grime and Drill in the second half which will see an exclusive track from fungiFerg included amongst. He will welcome two interviews but in a slightly different layout compared to previous weeks.

The first being Twin II, representing Skipton, Yorkshire, a rapper and producer independently. On the line around 8:15pm having a general conversation and discussing processing within his music. We will be playing his newest track ‘14 Weeks Later’ – you can stream that before in the links beneath.

Second will be Eyeconic, originally from Poland but residing in Teesside. He will be live around 8:45pm speaking with Prod Rage and Shakk. Expect a vibrant and diverse chat between them all. Possibly touching on his latest album ‘DNR’ (Do Not Resuscitate) which includes a plenitude of underlying problems in alignment with his own experiences, further motivated by gothic elements and his knowledge from studies within creative writing. We played a featured track from NE-O with EyeconicJust Watch’ on the ‘RRR’ show Saturday just gone, check that in the playback of the show or through a couple of the links below.

Tune in through the link underneath:

Turtz Tuesdays

Live tonight is DJ Turtz once again to bring you a bit relief from the start of the week. He will be spinning Garage, Bassline and some Grime in the first half of the show then onto the second section which will be DnB and Jungle with a track featured from Newcastle DJ, BIG SIR.

Be ready for the 7:00pm start or playback through the podcast player on the home page as well as the streaming sites. Tune in by clicking the link below – DJ TurtzLive In The Mix’ – The CUSH:UK Takeover Show via TS1 REGGAE RADIO.


DJ V8 is live tonight with the finest new world Reggae music. It will feature an artist named YVAD with his album ‘Cease Fire’ as well as Busha Mark who was one of the first artists to send in music in the early days of TS1 REGGAE RADIO around 2011, tracks from artists within the label Neblina Sound out of Catalonia, Spain, plus plenty other favourite riddims of V8’s.

Click the link below to be forwarded onto where you can catch the live podcast at 7:00pm as well as being able to playback all previous shows.

Smooth Jezza – Interview Recap

Thursday night saw Smooth Jezza link up on the line with Prod Rage and DJ V8 for a wicked phone-in which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Although there wasn’t a solid set of questions to be asked and followed upon, there a great deal to take away from the conversation. Jezza sent over a couple exclusives within the catalogue of tracks he has recorded, speaking on the reasoning to one of them being named ‘My Luck’, THIS BE THE CLICK and more.

On doing the show with Danny Riley and regularly being involved:

“I absolutely loved it like, I was sitting in front of a mirror while the songs were playing and I kept on catching myself grinning ear to ear. It was like a feeling that I haven’t felt before, it wasn’t like a gig, butterflies or anything like that it was like a whole different ball game. It was class, it was amazing, it’s a pleasure to be a part man. It’s going to be a thing, buzzing, absolutely buzzing, look forward to tuning in every Saturday and representing CUSH crew.”

Firing back memories with Prod Rage about the Scorcher gig under the former organisation of Kush Promotions, the first event in the North East to hold grime clashes live where Jezza went and got ‘KUSH’ tattooed on stage. Doing his thing for a long time now, he rolled slightly more on his own then – tell us about a bit about THIS BE THE CLICK:

Dubs came back on the bounce, he had got married, kids, doing his own thing, he was full on, job, dad mode and all the carry on, he just needed a release again so he was like Yo Jez. He came back up and we sat and wrote three songs in that day and we started recording recording recording, dropping out mixtapes, I think we dropped like a mixtape every week of January last year or something like that. Then we done a music video every Tuesday and Friday. So it was pretty full on, I think my man burned the candle out both ends again, burned himself out, so he’s taking a hiatus. It’s all love but we’ve got different mindsets and that at different times so he’s just doing his thing at the minute, gathering himself, he’ll be back though.

“But I am still sitting on a lot of THE CLICK stuff that I’ve produced myself that’s not out yet. I’ve got a THIS BE THE CLICK album produced by me, I’ve got a solo album produced by me, a features album. The track featuring fungiFerg that you’ve just heard there was meant to be on ‘For The Fans Pt.4’ which is a series of mixtapes I drop for free on my Bandcamp for free download. Part four is finished and it’s doing nowt, just sitting there collecting dust, there’s twelve tracks on there finished, mixed, ready to drop. Then I’ve got the ‘Immortality Project’ which has got thirteen tracks on. ‘Help’ EP which is me solo which has got seventeen tracks, ‘Help’ feature album which features at least two rappers plus me on every song – there’s fourteen finished tracks. I’m sitting on loads of material produced by myself bar ‘For The Fans Pt.4’ but I don’t know what to do with it.”

Insights to work processing:

“The first time in months where a Hip-Hop instrumental has been recommended for me (on YouTube), so I clicked on it and heard it, it was a trap beat instantly so I wrote a song to it, recorded it that day. I used to do that like two/three times a day all the time just finding random beats on YouTube until I started producing my own music last year sometime. My writing process now is to make a beat first and write the bars to the beat I’ve just made which is sometimes long, by the time you start writing you’ve got like a headache kicking in off the beat process.

“Record, mix and master, soon as it’s done maybe go back to it the following day listen to it with fresh ears, give it a few tweaks, bounce it, then that’s that done, move onto the next one. Same with when I drop a project or videos, I just drop it then I expect my fans et cetera to do the sharing or spread the word. Now I’m seeing how it’s done correctly, which is like pre order the download this, that and the other, it’s like a foreign language to me all that, I’m just to old school in the new era.”


“Bigging up everyone in the comments all the time man, it’s such a laugh, it’s good vibes, everyone supporting the movement, everyone supporting since day one. Peter Longstaff, ever since day one my mans just bought anything I have dropped project wise and always supported my thing, props Peter Longstaff bro you’re an absolute don. Anyone like-minded like Peter who’s just down with independent local music supporting everyone’s dream. It’s a pleasure, I like seeing their faces at gigs and that. Shout out Mr Nugz.”

Playing out with My Luck – any story behind this one?

“I’ve just got terrible terrible luck, that’s just basically it. You’ll find like a lot of the stuff which is produced by myself on the Help’ EP it’s like self medication because maybe 2018 or something it was a terrible year. Like a lot of people, over twenty I knew overdosed or committed suicide and it was a very touch and go time so a lot of the music coming out of that was a bit like not dark but almost eerie you know what I mean, that type of stuff influenced a lot of the project. You’ll understand when you hear it, it’s vibes (but a tough one).”

It is difficult to portray the passion and expression in any written up piece so make sure to check out the audio just below as full justice is not provided to this excellent interview and perceptions included. Exclusive tracks spun either side of the phone-in:

  1. Smooth Jezza x fungiFerg – Oz
  2. Smooth Jezza – My Luck
  3. Smooth Jezza – Summer Moonshine
Smooth Jezza and Dubs (THIS BE THE CLICK)

Support Smooth Jezza in the links beneath, representing the whole North East, residing in Washington, this man is an absolute legend, upmost respect and appreciation! Thank you for always being involved from Kush Promotions, to CUSH:UK and TS1 REGGAE RADIO now, shelling events, being a brother to everyone and now collaborating with Danny to bring the ‘RRR’ show every Saturday.

Unfortunately the other scheduled interview for Reggae artist Mario Doriani wasn’t held due to personal commitments but we hope to have him scheduled back in the near future.


Starting from this week, consisting of each Takeover Show from CUSH:UK as well as one of DJ V8’s shows of TS1 REGGAE RADIO, every selecta has chosen their top four tracks to combine together into a playlist.

We have the likes of Bru-C and Stompz included from DJ Turtz, Smokey Vee and Leddie MC’s latest release from Prod Rage, Kano and Headie One inclusions by Danny Riley and Smooth Jezza, also Peetah Sancho and Shaggy topping DJ V8’s selections.

If you missed any of their shows or just want to replay these tracks from them, we’ve got you, check out the playlist and/or playback the full podcasts in the link below.