Danny Riley & Smooth Jezza – Preview

Fresh new music to be played tonight where Danny is teaming up with Smooth Jezza (last weeks special guest) once again to bring to you Rap, Reggae and Riddims. The same format is to be followed with a mix of Reggae and Dancehall vibes first up followed by the UK Rap segment with selections of local tracks and further afar. Then commences the vibes from Australia and USA.

Babylon Fallin’ the new single from Kabaka Pyramid will be spun as well as ‘Adjust Your Brightness’ by Gleem collaborating with former lead singer of The Wailers, Gary “Nesta” Pine and producer Christian Cowlin which is set to be released 31st July. New releases from Shakk with ‘Toxic Rick’ and the track ‘Just Watch’ by NE-O of NE-Dons featuring Eyeconic representing the North East. Music from the likes of Jack Harlow and Roddy Rich in the latter section tied in with some uprising independent artists.

Big up to everyone sending in their music it is greatly appreciated and we hope that we can help in any way possible. Thank you to all those that have tuned in and continue to do so. Follow the link below at 7:00pm for the show, enjoy!

Leddie MC – Fork In The Road

Leddie MC, an independent Hip-Hip/Rap artist representing the North East of England forming the path out of Middlesbrough has just released her new single ‘Fork In The Road’. The whole production is brilliant with Leddie producing it herself featuring beautiful vocals by Sarai Jazz, bass from Steve Hoggart and the mixing and mastering of Jamie Donnelly.

The track addresses a semantic of realities including relations to female companions experiences and generalised anecdotal references within day to day life numerous people can feel a part of.

Fork In The Road’ is what you instantly interpret it to be. A situation, task, challenge, obstructing yourself when you are striving to achieve and progress forward. Exploring these circumstances, Leddie MC provides answers and motives into overcoming them inferred through emotive spurring register.

The first verse conveys a series of differing moments to which a plethora of people have been through or are going through right now, the hardships. I do this for the girls that play footy in the school yard’ – links to derogatory comments made by certain individuals upon this action, I have heard women myself being slated for playing football and not carrying out an activity which is apparently more suited to the gender from stereotypical viewpoints. Very rightfully so Leddie is supporting and encouraging every movement that anyone wishes to carry out with the correct mindset and mannerisms. To not care about comments made but to get up and keep enjoying what you are participating in.

Extracting another statement ‘fruits of the same seeds that they harvest’ reiterates a situation where perhaps someone is taken for granted and not truly appreciated. Again heavily relatable to many, it can be decrypted for another outcome but the main analyses I take from this is exactly that as well as those who try to control the growth of others, the worst beings to exist. This may imply a time that someone has attempted to control her growth personally which is addressed here to reflect on.

I’ve been all of those people and I’m not ashamed to admit it’ – Leddie has stood in those shoes and is representing everyone, open-minded and willing to learn, to push on and achieve. Humbleness, you can not ask for anything more than that. ‘the path that we take is based on every choice we incite cos were all something or other at different points in our life’ – the methods to which a problem is worked around or seen through, someone has been in the same position at alternative moments throughout their life time. No one is alone.

Each hook reverts back to the poignancy of ‘the path you take when you face a fork in the road’. Overcome whatever is halting any developments, always output the best that you can possibly offer and you will not regret anything you do. I’m sure Leddie would mention along the lines of the same advice when speaking upon these topics asides from laying her lyrics.

Listen via Spotify or any other streaming platform

Check it out, form your own opinions and feedback, there is a great deal more to be discussing.

This is a song where you can chill out and jam, thought provoking, in addition to this you could be working out, taking inspiration and motivation into your stride. Whatever you do, enjoy the conscious vibes and catchy flows whilst following and supporting Leddie MC in the icons beneath.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Prod Rage – Preview

In tomorrow’s live podcast Prod Rage will welcome special guest host DJ V8 of TS1 REGGAE RADIO. Back to back spinning tunes in a freestyle like manner whilst gearing up for another two phone-in interviews. These include, Reggae artist Mario Doriani of Jamaica and another North East Rap/Hip-Hop legend Smooth Jezza who teamed up with Danny Riley for his show on Saturday.

Sticking to the usual format, this will see Mario Doriani up first speaking on various topics at 7:30pm. Before tuning in check the track below ‘True Love Comes’ featuring Diligence which will be played alongside the conversation set to be held. In connection with last weeks show, this track was produced by our interviewee Kreative Kendrene.

Support by viewing and listening to the music of Mario Doriani in the links underneath.

In the latter half of the show around 8:30pm Smooth Jezza will be live on the line. The experience possessed is second to none, uncountable amounts of gigs and events he has performed at supporting the likes of Jaykae and Mic Righteous as a solo act and a part of the duo THIS BE THE CLICK which features Rap emcee Dubs and producer/videographer Theorist. Not to give too much away but Jezza doesn’t just lay the lyrics, he self produces tracks as well as being a sick barber, a man of many talents!

Show some love, stream and support his music through the links below.

Much more to come in the write up and recaps, stay posted!

DJ Turtz – Preview

DJ Turtz is back tonight with an hour of Garage and Bassline classics followed up by a mix of Jungle and DnB hits from your favourite artists including Bru-C, Dynamite MC and Newcastle’s very own, Stompz.

Lock in at 7:00pm through the link below, playback on the home page or the streaming sites – DJ TurtzLive In The Mix’ – The CUSH:UK Takeover Show via TS1 REGGAE RADIO.

Nehanda – Interview Recap

Prod Rage spoke with Nehanda on Thursday having an in-depth conversation regarding the two singles spun on the show with many laughs, busking, BBC 1Xtra experience, exploring independency and much more.

Introduce yourself:

“My names Nehanda, I am a Birmingham artist, I mostly busk. Birmingham is my main spot, I am well known in Birmingham, and Walsall, although they have changed the laws now so I can’t busk in Walsall anymore.”

Speaking onLive In The Lair’:

“As venues go and as events go, I love that event. The people that are there are laid back, its supported, its a nice night, a nice environment.”

Is there any events lined up?

“Everything’s just done, everything’s just dead as far as I know, the last gig I done was 15th March and I’ve only just started going out busking again.”

Have you been productive during the lockdown?

“Yes, I’ve started from scratch learning Ableton, tearing my hair out trying to mix and master, but I feel like I’ve got somewhere. I’ve released one on YouTube recently which I mixed and mastered myself and went out and recorded a video myself first so yeah things have been getting done during lockdown. It’s called ‘I Am Women’, it’s a nice kinda jazzy with a bit of a Hip-Hop feel to it.”

What inspires your music?

“Where it started, I was in a relationship with an emcee an things went horrifically wrong and honestly I just started writing to piss him off. Like my plan was ‘I’m gonna put a bra on and I’m gonna piss this guy off’ by getting my video out on Instagram. That was two years ago, I put this video on thinking people are gonna slaughter me, women spitting bars but yeah people instantly got in touch and where like ‘Yo can I get a feature?’ and I was like ‘Ah? You guys are taking me seriously?’. So yeah, that was two years ago and I realised I could write and from then it’s just been any beat, anything that comes my way I wanna touch, do something different. One day I’ll release an Opera song that’s what I say.” (That’s what inspired ‘33 Ways’)

Discussing ‘The Call’ briefly:

“I’d say that’s part two to ‘33 Ways’, I just picked up the phone and lost it.”

Tell us about your BBC 1Xtra collaboration:

Lady Shocker who’s like clashing queen, I was in awe of Lady Shocker, messaged me on Twitter and asked if I wanted to jump on this, thirteen emcees on a track – lay eight bars. That was a ‘Female Allstars’ and it just blew, it got played on bare different stations and DJ Target asked us to come do a ‘Team Takeover’. It was amazing. Massive shout out to Shocker for getting us together to do that.”

Are there any artists that your working with at the moment or looking to work with?

“I just released a track with Hybrid Theory featuring duo producers from Birmingham, that track got signed to CruCast. I think we are looking at doing a good few more tracks because that big vibe in the studio we absolutely bounced off each other.”

Listen to the phone-in below to gain more understanding to her bubbly personality and the authenticity. It was brilliant to hear Nehanda’s insights and experiences. We hope that we will be able to team up at an event some point in the future.

Tracks ‘33 Ways To Assassinate Your Character’ and ‘The Call’ were played either side of the interview. Make sure to check those out in the links below, follow and support more of her music.

The Danny Riley Rap Show – Preview

Later on tonight sees Danny live with a couple of exclusives in store as per usual, presenting alongside a special guest. As Peter Longstaff correctly states ‘entertaining the people’ once again!

We have a Reggae starter, followed by a UK segment of Rap/Grime/Hip-Hop with a few local tracks embedded within including a new release from R2T2 and Just-B’s re-release ‘Way to Gan’ produced by Naughty40. Then representing the global scene with music from Australia, USA and much more. Certainly not one to miss, sit back, relax and enjoy the vibes!

Follow the link below, live at 7:00pm.

Kreative Kendrene – Interview Recap

Respect and big up to Prod Rage hosting and holding it down last night in the late absence of fungiFerg. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to hear the thoughts and discuss a variety of topics with Kreative Kendrene aka Elijah.

When asked upon his names:

“Two names you know, both for different reasons. One is for my engineering (Kreative Kendrene) and one is for my artiste (Elijah) also my production.”

Let the people know what you do:

“I do everything in the music, I create music, I dance to the music, I create songs, also do video shooting, graphic designing. I’m at the level now where I am coding games, I’m actually making some type of grant of my own here in Ocho Rios.”

Tell us a bit about the music you are creating at the moment:

“Our music here from Jamaica, Dancehall/Reggae, it’s a thing that we grew with, most of the younger ones are taking on to the music. I’ve been in the music for a long time now so I try to help the younger ones with their music. It’s a journey for – not only me, but all of us. It’s a thing to share.”

Have you got any projects coming out?

“Yes man, a lot of projects, we have video shooting coming up, so we have a lot of works coming up, we have dance routines/dance rehearsals for the music videos. Yes so, a lot of things in the pipeline at the moment. We have a brand new riddim coming out called ‘Summer Chap’, that riddim is out already. I have artists on it like Loaded Eagle (‘I Can’t Breathe – Summer Chap Riddim’) and also Shemdon (‘Chop Chop RawSummer Chap Riddim’) those songs are already released. I have other productions/songs on the riddim yet to release, so look out for that riddim ‘Summer Chap’. Also look out for the ‘Recovery Riddim’ featuring other artists as well. Loaded Eagle, Jubby Chile, Kreative Kendrene, Shemdon, you can find all these on YouTube.”

Are there any gigs in the pipeline?

“At the moment Lady Boss is lining up some shows, also some tours, so yes, these things are in the pipeline, in the making.”

Have you ever performed in the UK? (Question from DJ V8 of TS1 REGGAE RADIO)

“No I’ve never performed in the UK, I’ve never been to the UK.”


“Yes I would like to shout-out Lady Boss she is doing some really great work, also to my brother Jamie, Whitter The Legend – also an artist, these people have helped me along the way with my music, shout out to my Mum and my Grandma, Bassline Rock Music ® Inc ©.”

We are going to play out with ‘Sweet Victory’ is there anything you would like to tell us about this song?

“This song was created all because of a phase I was going through, most of my close friends started to turn their backs on me, my fiancé, I didn’t know what was happening, everyone just got this fever of becoming a changed person. This song came about from all of that stuff I was going through at that time.”

Capture the originality to the conversation more through listening and downloading just below.

Hopefully we will be able to link up and bring a few artists over including Elijah for an event in the works next year. It is wonderful to hear that he and many others are sharing experiences in order to help the rise of the youth. Elijah’sSweet Victory’ is played after the interview, it is a beautiful track straight from the heart. Visit the links below to hear more music from himself or playback on spreaker.com and the streaming sites to hear the single featuring Jimbolee, ‘Tonight’ two tracks before the interview. Huge thanks to him and everyone involved, show some love and support!

Conscious and relevant sounds in the new release of the ‘Summer Chap RiddimI Can’t Breathe’ by Loaded Eagle produced by Kreative Kendrene.


Section6 x PastelParty have dropped two new releases since we last spoke to them two weeks ago so it is only right to cover these briefly at the very minimum.

Firstly, ‘Jimmy’s End Prince’ released on July 5, doesn’t contain any visuals. Reiterating their description, the track is just raw vocals displaying controversial views. Motive to the title is heavily linked with the love and respect for their hometown Northampton, St James in particular (NN5). PastelParty references some nostalgic elements such as: Bonnie & Clyde, Bully the game released on PS2 as well as relating to lyrics in their track ‘Brilliant’ in a dynamic switch up from the hook.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brilliant’ was spun on ‘The Danny Riley Rap Show’ last Saturday.

Their most recent track ‘You Should’ve Known’ displays gritty visuals which cuts to skits in between adding to the authentic characteristics of the duo. The beat possesses a unique vibe which they have connected to a distant Russian tribal feeling, it is quite mind blowing to say the least. A message they wish to portray here is about testing one another’s patience until they lose it and have nothing else left to offer other than their original beings.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Big up to Section6 x PastelParty for getting involved with our organisational work and continuing to tune in to the shows. Mass respect, we all look forward to further collaborations with the vibrant pair.

Check out their pages and streaming sites below, show some love!

Kreative Kendrene & Nehanda

Tomorrow’s edition of the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show will host another two phone-ins amongst personal favourites of Prod Rage’s highest rated albums.

First up is Kreative Kendrene aka Elijah, a producer from Jamaica with several other talents I believe in terms of performing music live whilst being the one behind the tracks carrying out the engineering. Producing for Reggae artists: Jimbolee, himself and Ruku G – who we had on the podcast last week for a chat, with singles ‘Never Leave I Again’ and ‘Dream Lady’ to name a couple. Make sure to view the links below for the work of Kreative Kendrene.

In the second segment, Birmingham’s multi-genred artist, Nehanda, will be live with fungiFerg discussing her music. She has been on the same line up as Ferg which may well have been the last gig for both parties before the lockdown at Live In The Lair’ in the beginning of March. Blending Rap, Hip-Hop, Grime, R&B, singing and song writing, there is a raw and original feeling to her vibes.

Check out Nehanda’s ‘Wordplay (Freestyle)’ and show some love to her links above before locking in to hear the interview.

More to follow in the recap and look out for the live podcast tomorrow.

Shakk – Toxic Rick

Newly anticipated release from Shakk, ‘Toxic Rick’, is a follow up to the single ‘Pickle Rick’ which was released on the ‘I AM YOU’ EP.

Thriving energy is portrayed through the potent flow of bars and gritty backdrops to the visuals shot by Kracken Cinematic. Shakk takes this in his stride and if you are wondering what his live performances are like, picture this, but on stage. Immense presence. The bar ‘man was raised with lions‘ epitomises this. Hunger and determination to achieve. Smooth transitions from scene to scene complements the whole production: instrumental provided from ‘PremiseOnTheBeat’, producing, mixing and mastering from Chris Davison and Francis Gorini, it is top class!

Just a couple of my favourite lyrics include a reference to Shakespeare’s Macbeth with blood on the hands as well as a relational simile to football: ‘Try tackle me I’ll run you out like Maradona in Napoli’. The variation in topics when spitting is all down to his experience – knowledge is power, he possesses that vastly and applies it to his work with ease.

Shakk is emerging but without a doubt he is already hugely established. Representing Middlesbrough in addition to owning poignant links in London, he has worked with and received advice from some of the industry’s greatest. Never mind watching out for him, go and run up his music now, he thoroughly deserves the recognition.

Make sure to check out the video and form your own opinions from it, there is so much more to take and elaborate on.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rick Fury – Interview Recap

Topics not mentioned which are definitely worth the listen involve: Rick’sWing Wednesdays’, potential of ‘Fury & Rage’ chilli sauce, collaborating with fungiFerg’s chilli plants and thinking of a plan to do gigs (obviously not breaking the law).

Advising viewers hugely to take the time and click onto the audio as the write up struggles to present complete justice. Reiterating, it was such a laugh being greatly knowledgeable and interesting. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face in these uncertain times I don’t actually know what will.

I personally love the humour and story-telling ability embedded into his craft, it is certainly reflected from his joyous attitude and day-to-day experiences. A true honour, a privilege to have the opportunity to be involved and for the team to conduct the phone-in. If you take anything away from this, even the most minuscule, let it be what Rick Fury echoes towards the end of the conversation: “Communication is key” – to hear more on this click on the ‘Listen & Download’ button and enjoy.

We spun a couple of tracks from his latest album ‘Heart Break Kid’. First up was ‘Lionel Hutz’, second track ‘Cherry Pie’ featuring Izzy Finch. Listen to these through the audio or follow the links below.

We would like to thank Rick and those around him for all of the support and time taken to tune in to our shows since the beginning, upmost respect!

Ruku G – Interview Recap

fungiFerg conducted the interview with the multi-talented Jamaican Reggae artist last night on the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show. Speaking of inspirations such as Frankie Paul, work on the horizon with collaborations and some general experiences in the 16 years that he has been creating his sounds. It was a great pleasure to be able to share the time with Ruku G and hear what he had to say upon his music. He possesses a plethora of skills having been a part of a choir, bands and even playing the saxophone – real authentic and original style. Shout out and appreciation to Boss Lady for helping to put this together.

Next week we have the producer of Ruku G’s music Kreative Kendrene scheduled in for a chat. It is the first time we have managed to connect overseas using this method as unfortunately the previous week there was a few technical difficulties with the line when trying to carry out the phone-in with fellow Reggae artist Jimbolee. We will look to get another slot sorted for Jimbolee in an upcoming show but make sure to playback the audio to this interview and take in the poignant perceptions from the humble, Ruku G.

Tracks played before, during and after, in order:

  1. Never Leave I Again
  2. Dreams of a Poor Man
  3. Dream Lady

Check out his music in the links following as well as supporting his movement through the social media platforms.