Blak Mexxiah – Interview Recap

Prod Rage was accompanied by Jay R Dreamchaser to interview Blak Mexxiah last week – 08/10/2020. Blak opened up mainly on the reasoning and influences that thrive and inspire himself throughout the craft he creates.

R2T2 – Interview Recap

During the five hour set from all of the CUSH:UK and TS1 REGGAE RADIO team – 11/09/2020 – there was an interview for uprising Newcastle artist, R2T2, which was conducted primarily by Smooth Jezza. They discussed a few points in alignment with the rapid emergence of a career that has just kickstarted.

Smooth Jezza – Interview Recap

Thursday night saw Smooth Jezza link up on the line with Prod Rage and DJ V8 for a wicked phone-in which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Although there wasn’t a solid set of questions to be asked and followed upon, there a great deal to take away from the conversation. Jezza sent over a couple exclusives withinContinue reading “Smooth Jezza – Interview Recap”

Kreative Kendrene – Interview Recap

Respect and big up to Prod Rage hosting and holding it down last night in the late absence of fungiFerg. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to hear the thoughts and discuss a variety of topics with Kreative Kendrene aka Elijah. When asked upon his names: “Two names you know, both for differentContinue reading “Kreative Kendrene – Interview Recap”

Rick Fury – Interview Recap

Topics not mentioned which are definitely worth the listen involve: Rick’s ‘Wing Wednesdays’, potential of ‘Fury & Rage’ chilli sauce, collaborating with fungiFerg’s chilli plants and thinking of a plan to do gigs (obviously not breaking the law). Advising viewers hugely to take the time and click onto the audio as the write up strugglesContinue reading “Rick Fury – Interview Recap”

Ruku G – Interview Recap

fungiFerg conducted the interview with the multi-talented Jamaican Reggae artist last night on the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show. Speaking of inspirations such as Frankie Paul, work on the horizon with collaborations and some general experiences in the 16 years that he has been creating his sounds. It was a great pleasure to be ableContinue reading “Ruku G – Interview Recap”