Smooth Jezza – Energy

Smooth Jezza has released a brand new Dancehall riddim – something of which he hasn’t created a great deal of in comparison to the Rap and Hip-Hop vibes that are prominently published. He recorded the track prior to his mini hiatus where he was still enjoying working on shooting his own video to it. TheContinue reading “Smooth Jezza – Energy”

Adjust Your Brightness

Brand new Reggae collaboration from rising UK artist Gleem featuring Gary ‘‘Nesta’’ Pine – former lead singer of The Wailers 1998 – 2006 and Christian Cowlin – producer/sound engineer of The Wailers, a veteran with over 20 years experience travelling with the band. The track was mastered by Tim Charlton whilst being assigned to labels JahDax Publishing Inc. and 1Ness.


Section6 x PastelParty have dropped two new releases since we last spoke to them two weeks ago so it is only right to cover these briefly at the very minimum. Firstly, ‘Jimmy’s End Prince’ released on July 5, doesn’t contain any visuals. Reiterating their description, the track is just raw vocals displaying controversial views. MotiveContinue reading “SECTIONING A PARTY”