Interview Requests

Before jumping straight into an interview we would like to know a few pieces of information to help us reference and relate back to you.

We welcome anyone who would like a chat about their work: performing artist, DJ, producer, those working in the music industry. Fill out the form below, message us over on the contact page or get in touch via our social media platforms.

Artist Track Submissions

*To feature either side of your interview or if you would just like a track played on one of our shows, plug it in the Dropbox link below.*

Artist Information Registration

*Information submitted and provided here will not be released unless you would like it to be, in the form of social media posts, newsletter pieces, interview recaps, and so on, after further contact.*

Thank you for taking the time to complete this, we all look forward to hearing more and being able to help in any way possible. Many blessings! The CUSH:UK & TS1 REGGAE RADIO team.