Section6 x PastelParty have dropped two new releases since we last spoke to them two weeks ago so it is only right to cover these briefly at the very minimum. Firstly, ‘Jimmy’s End Prince’ released on July 5, doesn’t contain any visuals. Reiterating their description, the track is just raw vocals displaying controversial views. MotiveContinue reading “SECTIONING A PARTY”

Section6 x PastelParty – Interview Recap

Exciting and prospering duo reigning in from Northampton, UK, Section6 x PastelParty were live on the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show providing insights to their work in the second half of the podcast stream over on Hit that button to listen and download the phone-in interview from Section6 x PastelParty last night. Right clickContinue reading “Section6 x PastelParty – Interview Recap”