Prod Rage – Preview – Dane Hype / Jay R

Due to technical difficulties, the same line up is scheduled for this Thursday – 20/08/2020 starting at 7:00pm. It will be episode 50, hitting one of the first significant milestones and given that there may even be a couple more surprises in store. You can tune in through the same link as provided in theContinue reading “Prod Rage – Preview – Dane Hype / Jay R”

Prod Rage

Possessing a plethora of skills which are required for the perfect track to be executed, Prod Rage holds involvement in numerous pieces of work over ranging over a decade. Producing, mixing, mastering, everything included within the engineering of music to creating instrumentals in a whole range of genres such as: Reggae, Grime, Rap, Trap andContinue reading “Prod Rage”

Prod Rage – Preview – Dane Hype / Jay R

Prod Rage is back this week with another special guest – Jay R Dreamchaser and an interview in the first part of the show with Jamaican Reggae artist – Dane Hype. There will be a selection of favourites from Prod Rage either side of the phone-in with Reggae and Dancehall vibes. Tune in from 7:00pmContinue reading “Prod Rage – Preview – Dane Hype / Jay R”

Preview – Shakk / Twin II / Eyeconic

Prod Rage has a blockbuster of a show in store for tomorrow evening co-hosted with special guest Shakk. Shakk is an established artist from the Teesside area who has held connections within the organisation for years, performing at a number of events – check the ‘Music Reviews’ page for a little more on himself andContinue reading “Preview – Shakk / Twin II / Eyeconic”