Yaadcore – Preview

This Thursday, Prod Rage and fungiFerg will be joined by the versatile Reggae phenomenon, Yaadcore. As our hosts delve into his thriving career, expect to hear discussions upon a slew of insightful talking points reflecting his overall journey and the poignant meanings which are embedded throughout each piece of his craft.

Smooth Jezza

A veteran and legend within his own right, long time brother of those involved in CUSH:UK and previous organisations, now presenting the ‘RRR’ show alongside Danny Riley. Moving forward Smooth Jezza will be teaming up further, using Tearaway Records as a platform and promoting each other in the process. Being old school within releasing music,Continue reading “Smooth Jezza”

Prod Rage

Possessing a plethora of skills which are required for the perfect track to be executed, Prod Rage holds involvement in numerous pieces of work over ranging over a decade. Producing, mixing, mastering, everything included within the engineering of music to creating instrumentals in a whole range of genres such as: Reggae, Grime, Rap, Trap andContinue reading “Prod Rage”

Kreative Kendrene & Nehanda

Tomorrow’s edition of the Prod Rage & fungiFerg show will host another two phone-ins amongst personal favourites of Prod Rage’s highest rated albums. First up is Kreative Kendrene aka Elijah, a producer from Jamaica with several other talents I believe in terms of performing music live whilst being the one behind the tracks carrying outContinue reading “Kreative Kendrene & Nehanda”