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Tearaway Records is an independent record label representing the North East of England and every collaborative artist/DJ/producer featured on residents’ projects from around the world in alignment with CUSH:UK. Prod Rage and DJ Turtz will individually release their work through the label as well as by the collective name of Baked Goods. fungiFerg and Smooth Jezza will also be dropping numerous bodies of work via the label.

Prod Rage

Possessing a semantic of skills to which is required for the perfect track to be executed, Prod Rage has been involved in the making of numerous singles and projects over the years. He produces, mixes and masters music as well as every other aspect of engineering to create instrumentals in a whole range of genres such as: Reggae, Grime, Rap, Trap and Hip-Hop. The first release from himself and fungiFergTEES SOUND VOL.1’ via the label came back in August 2020. He will be teaming up with everyone involved on the label and other artists externally too.

fungiFerg and Prod Rage during the filming of ‘Send the Rockets

DJ Turtz

Following the same direction is DJ Turtz with a very similar skill set aligned to different genres like: Garage, Jungle, DnB, Bassline as well as mutual interests of Grime. Starting from a very young age in the game, Turtz has smashed innumerable sets at events even topping the bill for one presented by himself ‘WAVED’ in Hartlepool, July 2019. He spins his live mixes weekly – ‘Live In The Mix’ on The CUSH:UK Takeover Show via TS1 REGGAE RADIO.

His own instrumentals, projects and collaborations will be released in alliance with the movement just like Prod Rage.


Hailing from Teesside, UK, fungiFerg is an industrious independent artist who expresses his raw feelings and opinions with no dilution.

Whether the unique aptitude is outputted by laying down a hard-hitting verse or breaking down a track in an engaging hook; be prepared to absorb his vibrant qualities and immerse yourself in Ferg‘s authenticity.

He has huge experience of creating music with the likes of Prod Rage dating back to their time as a part of Teesside Connection around 2013 which explored a wide range of the genres covered throughout CUSH:UK and Tearaway Records.

DJ Turtz and fungiFerg in the studio

Smooth Jezza

A veteran and legend within his own right, long time brother of those involved in CUSH:UK and previous organisations.

Smooth Jezza has accomplished mass amounts throughout his career in music such as picking up the winner of UBeat Music Awards rapper of the year in 2016 and being a nominee for single of the year in the annual awards prior to that. Releasing innumerable bodies of work consistently whilst making a living outside of the music industry in barbering, there is still a great deal that will be accomplished and there won’t be any stoppages what so ever as he and everyone involved continues to rise to the top.

Baked Goods

Baked Goods consists of two producers, Prod Rage and his younger brother DJ Turtz – hailing from Teesside, UK. They create music within a plethora of genres such as Reggae, Dancehall, Jungle, Grime and Hip-Hop.

Both individuals have supported some of the most illustrious artists in UK Rap and Grime like Mic Righteous, Scorcher, P Money, Big Zuu and Jaykae in events organised by Prod Rages’ Kush Promotions which now resides by the name of CUSH:UK.

Prod Rage has been a pioneering figure in the North East region helping to present a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their ability supporting those highly renowned names. Some of his earliest work came amongst the multi-genre group, Teesside Connection – almost a decade ago.

At just 16-years-old, DJ Turtz produced fungiFerg’s track ‘Sound‘ from his 2018 ‘High’ EP and has continued to be involved in many projects since. He now studies music production and sound engineering at university.

See ‘about‘ for more information on CUSH:UK residents and follow Tearaway Records below.

The artists run the label.

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