Prod Rage – Preview

In tomorrow’s live podcast Prod Rage will welcome special guest host DJ V8 of TS1 REGGAE RADIO. Back to back spinning tunes in a freestyle like manner whilst gearing up for another two phone-in interviews. These include, Reggae artist Mario Doriani of Jamaica and another North East Rap/Hip-Hop legend Smooth Jezza who teamed up with Danny Riley for his show on Saturday.

Sticking to the usual format, this will see Mario Doriani up first speaking on various topics at 7:30pm. Before tuning in check the track below ‘True Love Comes’ featuring Diligence which will be played alongside the conversation set to be held. In connection with last weeks show, this track was produced by our interviewee Kreative Kendrene.

Support by viewing and listening to the music of Mario Doriani in the links underneath.

In the latter half of the show around 8:30pm Smooth Jezza will be live on the line. The experience possessed is second to none, uncountable amounts of gigs and events he has performed at supporting the likes of Jaykae and Mic Righteous as a solo act and a part of the duo THIS BE THE CLICK which features Rap emcee Dubs and producer/videographer Theorist. Not to give too much away but Jezza doesn’t just lay the lyrics, he self produces tracks as well as being a sick barber, a man of many talents!

Show some love, stream and support his music through the links below.

Much more to come in the write up and recaps, stay posted!

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