Prod Rage – Preview – Dane Hype / Jay R

Prod Rage is back this week with another special guest – Jay R Dreamchaser and an interview in the first part of the show with Jamaican Reggae artist – Dane Hype. There will be a selection of favourites from Prod Rage either side of the phone-in with Reggae and Dancehall vibes. Tune in from 7:00pm 13/08/2020, in the link below or playback through the streaming sites for the 48th episode as a collective.

Dane Hype

A Reggae/Dancehall recording artiste representing Montego Bay, Jamaica. Dane Hype will be live on the show around 7:45pm (1:45pm Jamaica) speaking on his music and topics associated amongst. You may have heard a few tracks from himself if you have listened to some Saturday podcasts where he has featured in the Reggae segments on numerous occasions.

Jay R Dreamchaser

Slotting into the Rap based section, Jay R will be bringing a choice of exclusives from artists involved within his Street Bizness movement as well as music from his own upcoming projects which will be discussed upon too. The first is ‘The Graveyard Mixtape’ which is set for release 30/08/2020, featuring multiple collaborations and a few remixes of popular tracks such as ‘Wiley Flow’ by Stormzy. Secondly is the ‘Retrospective’ album, the release date for this is yet to be confirmed but it will follow closely after the mixtape. Specialising in Hip-Hop and Rap, Jay R is representing the North East of England and creates for just about everyone’s resonations.

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