Blak Mexxiah – Interview Recap

Prod Rage was accompanied by Jay R Dreamchaser to interview Blak Mexxiah last week – 08/10/2020. Blak opened up mainly on the reasoning and influences that thrive and inspire himself throughout the craft he creates.

What We Learnt

Residing out of Accra, Ghana, situated in West Africa, Blak Mexxiah immerses himself across an array of genres including: Reggae, Dancehall and Afrobeat. A heavy stimulus within the creation of the riddims he produces has filtered down from his father, Mac Tontoh. He contributed to making music in a fusion of all these genres and more such as: Jazz, Funk and Rock – as a part of Osibisa band who were signed by Chris Blackwell at Island Records.

As Osibisa toured Europe and played in other areas of the world, Blak would travel along too. He explained that it was his father and those experiences which really made himself understand music. A great sense to the society and energy portrayed within.

An immense inspiration paired alongside consciousness being the ‘bedrock’ of his music, this aligns with the message embedded in the track – ‘Ancient Man’. Defining to us that many are leaving their identity and conscience behind, the essential traits to the human race. He then goes on to say ‘if we lose that value we become ridiculed’, it is about looking back to acquire wisdom through past times. Temperaments are addressed as well as the overall feeling of feeding back to the universe, leaving the lyrical content to inspire the audience. A beautiful meaning, this is what Blak Mexxiah prides himself on.

Ancient Man’ will take a position on the playlist of the album or EP which is in the works to be released in the next two months or so. Interpreted from the conversation there will be a collaboration with Sizzla that features on this piece of work. A press release will be announced towards the end of the month with a definitive date and track list.

Something which holds great significance to Blak and many on the same wavelength is the desire to own land rather than flashy cars et cetera. ‘Politicians are liars and Ghana is beautiful and nice’ – a strong enforced feeling which is prominent in a plethora of nations no matter how different other factors may be. The second half of the statement can link to forming your own thoughts rather than taking someone else’s word, the opposing opinion can be mainstreamed and brainwashed into people. Research and justify for yourself.

You can hear more depth to each point extracted here with full expression from Blak Mexxiah in the audio below. Unfortunately the line was interrupted around about half way through but it is still possible to make out the main discussions. We hope to hold another interview in coming times to conversate further on more topics. Each artist we have been in contact with have similar goals and a positive formula which dictates the intentions they wish to imply, it is brilliant to see and hear! Support the music and journey of Blak’s in the links provided. Many thanks for taking the time to speak to us, a pleasure to do so, it is greatly appreciated!

Tracks played either side of the interview:

  1. Ancient Man
  2. Nakala ft. Linguakat

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