Grim Sickers – Interview Recap

Grim Sickers joined Prod Rage, Jay R DC and fungiFerg on the line to discuss what’s been going on of recent articulating music as well as other interests.

Grim Sickers explained straight off that during lockdown, the scene is dying without live shows. He has been assisting other artists as much as possible with advice and supplying features to everyone he can. Helping to ‘build up other cities around the country, trying to be like Marcus Rashford’ a driving force in giving back to the people.

When asked on the potential of new tracks, Grim gave us and the listeners a bit of a preview, explaining that he has a couple singles to release towards the end of the year and beginning of the next. Some of which will make up the playlist to the ‘Sickers the Great’ project due to be dropped at some point during 2021, set to include ‘hella features’ with an array of immense talent.

A specific spoken of was the next edition in a series he has well underway – ‘John Fury’. Sickers said: “I’ve got a series called ‘John Fury’, I’m inspired by Tyson Fury’s dad. Everyone’s inspired by Tyson Fury but I’m inspired how a mad man can give birth to the heavyweight champion of the world. Imagine having a kid and calling him ‘Tyson’ and he becomes the world heavyweight champion. I’m more fascinated by John, so I’m on number two and I’ve got number three dropping…” sometime soon.

“Mans working on stuff, I’m sitting on them features – I don’t mind. What them man are doing for me I would love to do for everyone else, I’m not even charging man – ‘yo what do you want, you hard? Alright I like you, you can take a verse as well…’ – no ones better than someone cos we spray words on a mic, everyone’s human.” Sickers comments on wanting to provide exposure for these cold spitters which go unnoticed by many, he goes onto say that if Mike Skinner didn’t pick him up, he would be miles off right now. He wants to reciprocate the same help and guidance he has personally received.

“The spitters I’m coming up on to in your ends, I can’t believe the talent that I find, I’m looking to come up there and be Eddie Hearn and just look at all the boxers in the ring. It’s crazy up there. I’ve been, this week, really really listening and thinking ‘rahh’ if I brought these man down to London it’s gonna be a problem!”

Speaking on Mike Skinner:

“You know what it is bro I’ll tell you a famous comment that Mike Skinner always said to me – he says this: ‘Grim Sickers done more for me than I did for him’ – so I thought: ‘what the hell are you talking about bro’ – but he said to me, when he saw me, he was in a lower place. Don’t forget when he took man on, Mike weren’t releasing tunes bro, he wasn’t releasing nothing. I put him in the ‘Kane’ video, he shot that, he saw my energy, he knew I was one in a million. If you look at my cooking show as a thing that I done, he put me in the game, so he saw what I could do.

“He’s a genius, an utter genius man, the best person I’ve ever worked with, we’ve toured the world together, he brought me out at Glastonbury mainstage, he always said to me: ‘Sickers, always try to do, what I done to you, for someone else’ – that’s what I try and do – that’s why I always reply to DM’s, everyone’s like: ‘Sickers, how come you always reply to DM’s?’ – like I said before, no ones too good.” fungiFerg states that not many in his position would do the same, humble.

Answering Jay R DC on whether he’ll be doing a tour next year:

“I’m trying to do a tour, this is what I’m gonna do, this is my promise yeah, I’m gonna do it in your ends so all of you man are gonna be support acts, so I’m gonna put all you man on, we’re gonna round up the men!” we’ll hold you to that Sickers!

Conversating on boxing, Sickers said: “I fell in love with boxing when I was stressed with music, music’s very stressful 24/7…” he continues by mentioning that Tyson Fury is one of the best boxers he’s ever seen in his life and everyone thought he was a maniac when he declared that. Boxing has proved to be very inspirational to himself, another passion to keep the mind occupied which also impacts lyrical content in alignment with a plethora of other sports throughout his music.

“In 2020 you can’t just do music, I can name all the emcees that do other things, Big Zuu does cooking, JME does gaming, Mike Skinner does documentaries, Jaykae does boxing, off the top of my head – but everyone does something, you need two things, so mines probably boxing and cooking as well.”

Responding to Danny Riley’s question upon who he rates from the North East:

Ferg, Sonny Neale, that’s the people I’ve come across at the moment, but I rate all of them, there’s certain man that can make it top 40, they don’t even realise.” Grim Sickers rates the work of Jay R DC having heard the track ‘Juice’.

When replying about what track he has enjoyed creating the most, Sickers told us that it has got to be within the emo style as it is truly heartfelt. He wants to let out his struggles so others can relate, adding – ‘that’s one of the best things I get out of music’. Heavily influenced by Lil Peep, impacting all round on many styles of his – ‘emo, tunes like ‘Maggy’, the ‘John Fury’s’, back to back with Ghetts on a Grime riddim’ – top class versatility!

Tying in to an earlier part of the conversation, the cooking and entertainment of ‘Sickers Rate My Plate’ and the pub quiz like ‘Games with Grim’ on Instagram provide much light to fans and friends especially during these tough periods of time.

To close up, Grim Sickers said that he would love to return on a Christmas special show – ‘The CUSH:UK Takeover Show – Christmas Special with Grim Sickers & friends’ – how does that sound to everyone?

It was an absolute pleasure to hear numerous experiences and insights first hand from Sickers! Massive thanks for taking the time to speak and have a laugh with us, very grateful and appreciating! Make sure to support the brilliant work of Grim Sickers via the links below, get involved and cop an exclusive tee if you are able to as well!

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